Would you want Barack Obama to serve three terms or more as President?

Earlier this year, Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y. introduced H. J. Res. 5, a bill that would repeal the Constitution’s 22nd Amendment which prohibits a president from being elected to more than two terms in office, thus potentially paving the way to make Barack Obama president for life. Not surprisingly, the corporate…

May God protect us from more than one term. He would want to stay on forever, but I think our economy and our country and also our international standing will be pretty much devastated by 2012, so let’s hope people are wiser.

Also, I think we need to start some new media/news source that will not be so “charmed” by Obama and will report information, not just about his dates with his wife, but just like we had with other presidents. I think this was always a part of those checks and balances – and this is now missing.

G.W. signed an executive order that will let the president become “King” in the event of another terrorist attack or natural disaster.
The President and Vice President will head the FEMA government.
Congress and the Supreme Court will exist,but have no power or authority – just as advisors.
The Constitution will be suspended and the state of emergency will continue for “as long as necessary”until the crisis is over.
Isn’t that what the new chancellor told the Imperial Senate in Star Wars?

This amendment has no chance whatsoever so the question is moot. A more possible change would be to get rid of the requirement for the President to be born here, thus clearing a way for Arnold, although after the mess he leaves in CA – which I do not believe is his fault – he may be too damaged.

It is the worst possible scenario. The man does not have a deep and abiding love for this country. He wants to change it to a European welfare state. He’s also unbelievably arrogant.

He’s so obsessed with what he calls “fairness,” that he would end up with more quotas, more restrictions, etc, all in the name of “spreading the wealth around.” When the wealth is all spread about, what’s he going to do then? Because you can bet it will never be possible to live a life like we do now, with home ownership, good jobs, etc. We’ll all end up working for the government.

The reason it is not given a lot of attention is because no one is really pushing it. One representative? Wow! Stop the presses and get the protestors out… This is a non-issue. If the process allows such a resolution to be debated on the House floor (its not even near that stage… not even close). This is given the appropriate attention by the “corporate media”… non-issue.

And to answer your first question: No, because it is not allowed by the law.

You mean the same Rep. Serrano who has introduced that same legislation every year since the 1990’s through 3 presidents?

Every federal office should have term limits. Career politicians are ruining our country. They get too much power and they have too much pull.

No more than two terms for anyone. Supreme Court justices should have a maximum 10 year term. They get a cushy enough pension. They don’t need to keep working.


It would be if he served three more terms, but not in this country. During the campaign there was some talk of trying to overturn the constitution so he could be our dictator forever.

The same bill was sponsored by a Republican senator back when Bush was President. They always go to ‘committee’ and never amount to anything.

something tells me bills like that are put up all the time, they know it wont pass, but they do it anyway. you do know changing the constitution takes a lot more than submitting a bill to congress right. besides, its to early to tell if i would want him one more term.

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