80% Of Americans are against legalizing illegal aliens, but Obama wants Amnesty, is he crazy or stupid?

Passing such an unpopular bill to reward illegal criminals while millions of Americans are jobless would practically kill his chances of being reelected, same thing with members of the senate, support that and you can forget about keeping your job.

Since when does Obama care what the American people want?

Cost isn’t the issue. We would save, over time, a lot more than we would spend. Of course, it would have been less expensive had we not let it get this far. My concern is that if we don’t give amnesty, it will be supposedly ‘in return’ for a guest worker program. Every guest worker proposal on the table, including Pence’s is really a permanent immigration rate increase with a path to citizenship and ‘chain migration’ permitted through family reunification. That would be a constant, and thereby unassimilated, stream of poor, non-English speaking immigrants we would subsidize in our schools and hospitals. The Senate bill volume of guest workers is so high people are not even arguing that numbers would be excessive if the maximum allowed came in. They are arguing that even though clearly the maximum would not realistically materialize, the amount that would come in would kill our services, and bring in indigent parents of immigrants at a time when we are concerned that safety nets and Social Security for the baby boomers will not be sufficient. Essentially the quotas are so large that it is a ‘screening only’ immigration policy. It is not limited to Mexican immigrants, but would be used by the world’s poor, so until our way of life didn’t pay them to come here instead, it would create basically a free flow of poor immigrants. Agriculture was trying to insist that those in the ‘farm program’ would be required to stay for 5 years in agriculture, because that is something not even illegals want to do at the prices agribusiness wants to pay. Apparently as construction etc has started draining off the illegals agribusiness felt rightfully belonged to them, they already have a hard time keeping workers at the much lower wages they are paying now than they paid 10 years ago. In other words, agribusiness would draw in constant new ‘bottom of the ladder’ people who would go on to take better jobs Americans definitely want to do after that. I am afraid that if we say no amnesty but yes guest worker program, we won’t really deport all the people, and we will end up with both. I think Americans can’t stand the media reports about honor students and Eagle Scouts who have lived most of their lives here getting deported. To the extent it ends up hitting people it turns out I know, it would be hard for me to take, too. This has nothing to do with cost. If we did give amnesty to screened illegals, it would help dismantle the underclass that protects the nasties. We could specify that this was a ‘blue card’ legalization which did not give rise to family reunification ‘chain immigration’ privileges. So then where would we be? We would have BOTH the guest worker program and amnesty. I think that is the worst of both worlds. I also think big business will NEVER be interested in closing the border because illegal workers will always be cheaper. On the other hand those who want amnesty MIGHT be willing to give up the magnets to illegals (in-state tuition and health care above emergency care, etc.) IF they got the current illegals legalized. These are primarily Democrats who do have a stake in not seeing schools ruined and wages driven down. We might be able to negotiate real border security with the pro-amnesty types, and deportation of the nasties, and dismantling of the illegal immigration magnets. The big business types on the other hand would pay a lot up front to show how earnest they are about closing the border. However it would all be in the staffing type of expense which, when removed later to cover pet projects, would leave no border protection at all. Suddenly, immigration laws are being enforced. Why weren’t they enforced over the last 6 years? I don’t trust the government to keep it up while we aren’t watching. I want barriers, more detention facilities, sensors, and fences at the border. Those at least would continue to help the problem as time goes on.

I know for damn sure you wouldn’t work out in the sun picking up veggies and fruits for a very low wage, or clean houses . Plus , unless you are native american then everybody here came to the u.s illegally .
I do recall that this is the land of opportunity for all. XP

Why do people say that immigrants take up their work ….first of all if Americans don’t have work its cause their lazy ……because as long as I have known illegal Mexicans cant work any where else but the fields no company or business is hiring them!!!!!!……if Americans are referring for illegal Mexicans working in the fields i would pay a million dollars just to see u guys out there!!!!!…..and their not aliens their people just like anybody their just not the same race….Americans are aliens to !!!!

Obama knows what the people wants, he goes against it. I find it ODD, if I break the law, I get thrown in jail, these types are welcomed here. I would like to find the paperwork to become an illegal in the USA, you will be treated fairly.

Both is the answer.

If you DUMBacrats think OBAMAcare is unpopular with the American people. Wait till you see the publics reaction to an amnesty push by these scummy DUMBacrats.

Isn’t the polling the current healthcare bill in the 70’s against? Clearly he doesn’t care what the people think… its full speed ahead and public be damned!

Obama knows he must keep SEIU happy not me and you happy! Andy Stern owns Obama.

Amnesty is one of the few things Bush put forward that actually made sense.

It’s not about whether you think it’s a good (i.e. whether you feel it’s moral) idea, it’s about facing reality. And the reality is these people are living in the United States and they’re crossing the border faster than we can throw them out. In the meantime, the illegal status of those who have been here a long time is helping to create an underground labor economy that is undermining the value of the work of EVERY American. Since there is no willingness to make companies responsible for who they hire (and they know damn well when they’re using illegals), the solution is to cut off the illegals supply from under them.

It’s a very unpopular thing to do, but it’s also the right thing to do.
Maybe he is stupid, but then again, re-election is a long way off. One reality about politics is that people have a very short memory. If there’s something unpopular you’ve got to do, do it at the beginning of your mandate.

Obama is deliberately trying to change America in to a new Social World Order. He has been brain washed to thank he is right in doing so. Yes to us he is crazy for doing so, but he knows what he is doing with all his Progressive advisers leading him.

I know! It is just mind boggling.
When people say that he is intentionally trying to destroy the country I sometimes think they might be on to something when he does stuff like this. I just dont know what other possible explanation there can be

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