Best Place To Create A Blog?

Hi there:)I want to create a fashion blog but i don’t know which website to use.It must be free.I recently tried Moon Fruit but they are not free.They have a fourteen day trail till you have to pay.Any recommended is fine.Thanks! x

There are a lot of free blogging platforms such as, blogger, wordpress, livejournal, blog etc. But it personally think that blogger and wordpress both are very helpful and attractive platforms to enhance your brand, product or services.

Google’s is a rare one with absolutely no paid upgrades (you can buy a custom domain name from them or someone else) is a free hosted version of the industry standard WordPress blog engine used for some 17% of the top 1 Million sites, so what you use there can be applied more professionally in the future, they have paid upgrades for custom domain names, earning revenue, etc., there are some like Tumblr that are more like photo gallerias.

Create your Blog on

is a New Community Social Network Website where you can create your free Account and do your Free Blog like mine and can use a lots of stuffs for free, there are webchat rooms, forums, meet new friends, dating, upload videos, musics and photos and much more. The best think is that a community Social Network you can take advantage for the traffic of people that will be generated by the users and visitors from these website !


free, flexible and lots of ways to tune it

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