I will say Federer, but beware not to be mistaken by the reasons which motivates and force this conclusion: it is by the incomparable and impeccable mastery of his art that we must put him ahead of the rest. Federer is but the only champion who succeeded at exhibiting an all court dominance which has proven to be the most complete tennis game play ever shown.

It is with the utmost elegance and greatest ease that the Swiss Maestro makes “the extraordinary look fairly routine.” The admiration which is rightly due to his skill level goes well beyond the physical prowess or the record sheets; it is an appreciation which has to be done with more than eyes, more than a bare impression of greatness: you have to understand the biomechanical perfection which composes his game to see truly how good he is.

We could speak of Sampras, Agassi, Borg, etc. but none among them shows a dominance in each single aspect of the game, on each surface and against each opponent. With those, there were major issues, whole aspects they couldn’t employ efficienctly; with Federer, you have to beat him, play better than him at each point.

By this, Federer is not only the player whose strokes and footwork are the better executed, he is also a considerably tougher opponent than any of those previous champions. Roger is the reason why the top ten of the last decade cannot brag about much, because Federer nearly annihilated all opposition, because when he was one, there was not much left for others to enjoy. Those players – Hewitt, Roddick, Davidenko, Murray, Safin, Djocovic and even Nadal sometimes – have been truly maginficent and soem are still well beyond amazement, but what could you do against Roger?

28years old, going on 29; 16 Grand Slam titles, searching the 17th…

Dude your poll sucks! Sam Stosur? Marta Domachowska? Michaella Krajicek? Jelena Jankovic????????????? Seriously?? Where’s Ivanovic???? And how can it be sexiest tennis player EVER when you just have chicks from today? From what I hear Chris Evert made young boys hit puberty prematurely. This is a travesty! I’m outraged! LOL I bet you probably rigged it to have Sharapova in the lead

Roger Federer

its martina navratilova and here is why……

In terms of most titles (tournaments) ever won (men and women), Martina has 344 (First place)

second place is Billie Jean King with only 164

So Martina is so far ahead in this statistic. it is almost impossible for anyone to ever get that many titles.

John Mcenroe ahs the most mens titles with 148. That is 4th place overall (after Martina, BJK, and CE)

Chris Evert has the highest Win/Loss Percentage of anyone i know of winning 90% of all matches played. It is possible someone has a higher % than that but i dont know who. Martinas W/L % is 86.

Maria Sharapova

That’s a hard Question to be answered since you’re saying “Ever”
But I’d say it’s Roger Federer, the guy is a living legend..he’s amazing!

Ivan Lendl

Has to be Roger Federer…..hes just at the top of his game all the time…he just knows how to win matches…

probably bjorn borg today’s players are just physical giants playing a game designed for average height people(5’2″) 150 years ago

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