Can someone give me proof of god?

I still havent seen proof. i still cannot believe. can anyone prove god? 10 points if u can. and none of this cuz the bible says so or u must have faith. i want to see real proof. if anyone can deliver i swear i will fall to my knees and pray for salvation then post a video appologising to all u believers out there…

Let me take my crack at this. I may hate religion but still I’ll try. Okay so as we observe the world we notice there’s two types: artificial and natural. The artificial one contains us and all the things we create/invent. Now for every object that exist we know that it had to be created. Objects don’t just appear and nothing thing is that we do things for a purpose. Like if we eat we intend to nourish ourselves, if we exercise we intend to mantain physical health, and if we sing/write/play an instrument we intend to express ourselves. Now if we do everything with purpose, shouldn’t everything in the universe work the same? In the natural world we see these complex organisms and they all exist to mantain a balanced ecosystem. Plus when you break down a single organism/cell/atom you find the complexity and the sheer design is quite interestering. If evolution were true then we should expect to find uncompletted organisms In the fossil record. Yet we have found no organisms born without hearts or any other organs that are needed for survival. If organisms developed over billions of years then we should found organisms lacking body parts. Also look at reproduction. If it took billions of years to develop organisms with reproductive capabilities then why does it take such a short time to develop a new life? Now look at the universe. We find that everything on earth had to originate from somewhere even if it’s just an idea. The earth cannot have just been accident since science has actually that our solar system seems to be built in a way to best equate life. Besides all that: scientist have found our body composition to be made up of earth compounds such as carbon. In the bible in Genesis it is stated that we were formed from the dirt of the Earth. There’s no contradiction there. I know this was rough hut I tried. It’s complex to get into. Message me if you ever wanna debate this..

– Everything that happens is an effect which has a cause. What was the first cause?

1) Everything that exists has a cause outside of itself.
2) God exists.
3) Therefore, God has a cause outside of itself.

– The universe has the perfect conditions for life. Special parameters such as the strength of gravity, Earth’s distance from the sun, elemental composition, atmospheric composition, etc. All of them must be precisely balanced for life to exist. It is extremely unlikely that this happened by chance. Not to mention the killer asteroids, meteors, natural disasters, and the fact that the universe is spiraling into either a big freeze or a heat death.

– Why is it that every society has a sense of right and wrong? Some things such as murder, stealing, etc are not just socially unacceptable but are universally
called “wrong”. Where does that universal moral law come from? Could it be that humans are social animals and know instinctively what is right and wrong?

– Roman historian Tacitus and Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, along with many other, refer to Jesus in their writings. Josephus was deemed a forgery, which leads me to question Tacitus.

– Jesus fulfilled every single prophecy that was made about Him. Including things that were out of His control, such as where He would be born, who His parents would be, how He would die, etc. The odds that He would fulfill only eight of these prophecies by coincidence are astronomical. How do we know that the apostles were telling the truth? How do we know that Jesus wasn’t lying to them?

-When Jesus died His body was sealed in a tomb which was guarded by Roman soldiers so His body could not have been stolen. That’s actually easy. Knock the guards out.

Arguments which have been debunked several times. And I would have gotten the rest, but I really don’t care anymore. If theists want to use tired arguments that have been debunked ad nauseum, let them.

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are somewhat the same, but all i know is that they have changed the Bible. But since im a Muslim and i havent read the bible, ill tell you signs that happened in this century from the Quran since the best way for a person to believe in God is by signs and miracles.

We Muslims knew that ants could talk to each other more than 2000 years ago, scientists figured that out around 1980

We also knew that chaos and war in Iraq was going to happen more than 2000 years ago but we didnt knew when

In the Quran, it says that one day, the Arabs in the MidEast will go against their leaders and it will lead to war, chaos, and protest. Thats all the sign i could tell you

But do not listen to people when they say that Muslims or the Quran are for terrorism, thats a lie. It only says that God gives you permission to kill someone if he/she tried to kill you or take your home. but anyway If you are in America, and you became a Muslim. you will have a great life, its more friendlier than Christianity

What a fascinating proposal. It reminds me so much of the temptation of Christ when after fasting forty days & nights in the wilderness in Matthew chapter 4-v1 -11 . I’m not going to type all but if you want to read ,all you need is a bible. You sound like the tempter talking to Christ in this script. 10 points is nothing compared to what the tempter offered Christ. As for God the arbitrator of love,compassion and forgiving understanding and mercy
i would show you the way ,but without the grace of God ascending on you i cannot see how i can prove anything to you regarding your request. In your pure birth before the world corrupted your Being with endless wrangling of thoughts,
which we all suffer you held the key and it was taken away from you by the madness and flux that permeated your Spirit and left you confused in a world that is this day devastated with dark confusion for the light of truth can barely make itself known. Seek first the Kingdom of God and all your needs will come to you, which i read in St. Luke 12v31. The mission of Christ and to his followers was to teach the Kingdom of God. This was his expression he used in St. Luke. The question would be to me ,is how do you teach the Kingdom of God? God is within us ,not in the sky. It is so much more a mystery than any of us truly understand. Don’t be fooled by the superficial inuendo. Remember you are dealing with your Living body and living Spirit within you. Don’t be fooled by the clever and outspoken,or the cynical that begs you be rational and logical when such matters do not sit in the laws of world projected logic and reason.Please don’t outsmart yourself with your own intellectuality.

It’s pretty tiring hearing you just have to have faith isn’t it? It’s kind of a ridiculous request too. I seriously believe that if you open up your mind and ask god to soften your heart and remain completely vurnerable to you he will show his presence. All you have to do is sit alone in your room and begin to speak say something like ” god I know I have not believed in oOu in the past but I’m asking you now, of you are real and care about me reveal yourself in some way right now” then wait. But if you are going to be skeptical and doubting and not be open to him at all, then it is a waste of your time. The choice is yours

Could you tell me who this “uh” person is? I think I would like to meet u if you can tell me who u is.

I can give you proof. But for me to offer all of it, you will have to ask thousands of questions. There is that much of it. But how about this for a start. Baha’u’llah (1817-1892) taught that all the world’s revealed religions came from one God. Sabean, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Babism and the Baha’i Faith. Since Babism and the Baha’i Faith are the fulfillment of prophecy, I will leave those out of the next. We have no written records from Sabean, leaving Hinduism as the oldest living religion and Islam the latest before the fulfillment. There are literally thousands of prophecies altogether in those six religions, and many more if you throw in the Native American religions and their prophecies. All of them (Native American included) fit together like the pieces of a giant and intricate jigsaw puzzle. But let’s ignore the ones that state a place, circumstances and so forth. That leaves us with the specific (and I do mean SPECIFIC) time prophecies. The odds of just the specific time prophecies alone being fulfilled by chance by one individual or related group fo events is less than one in the total number of protons, neutrons and electrons in 18 quadrillion (18,000,000,000,000,000) universes the size of our observable one. And remember, that is just a small part of the proof I can offer.

One example of a time propecy is this: From Zoroastrianism, 1260 years after the beginning of the religion of the Arabian will come a messenger from God to bring world peace. Zoroastrianism is about 1,000 years older than Christianity. The Baha’i Faith began in 1844 CE, or 1260 AH (Musilm calendar).

There is much, much more. Are you on your knees yet?

The Baha’i Faith, uniting the world one heart at a time.

Some people claim all faith is blind, but my faith is a carefully considered, carefully reasoned and very reasonable, rational and defensible faith. Were atheist Stephen Roberts (1901-1971) standing in front of me this moment, I would say back to him, “I contend that we are both men of faith. I just have faith in one more thing than you do, and for very good reason. When you fully understand why I disdain all the devisers of superstitions and dismiss the gods of vain imaginings, you will understand why I believe in my God, and you will believe also.” — B. Knott Wildered (Not my real name, but the quote is mine.)

Hebrews 3:4- Of course every house is constructed bt someone, but he that constructed all things is God.
As you can see here, everything has a creator. Look at the detail within your own body…do you think that the order of your digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system, and musculoskeletal system came about by chance and just so HAPPEN to work simultaneously? Of course not, some divine character had to be involved in making the design of the human body.

Do you have common sense? A car can run over you and kill you…common sense? Yes.

A tree can make more trees. Grass can cause more grass to grow. Dogs, cats, racoons, etc….can all have babies.. insects have young. Birds, fish, humans….have babies.

What do they have in common? They are LIVING things. They can create other living things.

Rocks, pebbles, cement…dust…iron posts… buildings…

What do they have in common.? They are NOT living things….they cannot…repoduce themselvs, they cannot CREATE life. NON LIVING THINGS, CANNOT MAKE LIFE.

Now….would you believe then, in the beginng… that life came to Earth, from a non living thing, space dust.? From rocks and pebbles and stuff like that? Non living things.???

Or did it take some living thing to create life?

Just because we cannot see a spiritual being, does not mean it cannot exist. Ghosts are spiritual beings, they exist.

All things are made from energy…humans included. And humans have spirits within them. Humans are intelligent. So…the spirits in the humans, are energy, living and intelligent.

What is God? ENERGY. Spiritual, living and intelligent energy.

And being that God has life….God can CREATE life…where as space dust ….cannot.

So…what then do you believe, using COMMON SENSE????

Another one. Are you at all aware of how illogical it is to ask for “proof” of God. Proof is something physical that all can see. God is NOT a physical being and therefore there can be no physical proof of His existence. Is there any way that you can PROVE that love exists? And while you are thinking of that remember what John said: “God IS love.”

What does exist in abundance are indications of His existence, and these, while not being empirical proof, do serve as “proof enough” for an individual to take a leap of faith and believe.

ALL OF CREATION is your PROOF. The creation is proof of the creator.

“I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” Luke 15:7…

As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.
MARANATHA! Come, Lord Jesus, COME!

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