Have you ever been accused of being homophobic?

There’s this user on here she keeps calling me a homophobic loser, when i actually have no problems with gay people, and some of my contacts happen to be gay/bisexual themselves.

Yes… except that i actually am homophobic

I don’t need to be accused.

I am Homophobic, which occurred after an near-incident in Germany.


Yes by a guy in uni
I don’t think he gets what the word means though, because I have two gay best friends so….

Ok Scott so you’re not a gay basher then move on. Did someone say BLOCK THIS PERSON? Good advice….!


you know you’re not homophobic so why should u care about what a douche says online

block her and move on scott

Only when I wear my t-shirt that says “I Hate Rainbows”

Don’t you find it rather ironic that gay people always protested the name calling by straights (fags, queers, etc.) and accuse us of not understanding them….then they turn around and resort to calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them a homophobe.
Where’s the acceptance of straight people by the gay community???????

He’s probably homophobic himself, just block him. 🙂

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