How do Scorpio men show attraction?

I have a huge crush on a Scorpio man. He is my neighbor and he is always really nice to me. He does my yardwork, took care of my plant when I was out of town (without me asking him too) and always gives me stuff. He came over to my house one day to give me something and he didn’t have a shirt on. I about…

he defiently likes u, scorpios are not flirtatious so dont expect him to be that way. we are too reserved to be that obvious so we’ll find reasons to be around u. doing things for u, finding reasons to be outside etc. and if he came over with his shirt off he def likes you, we generally are too shy to do anything liek that, but because we are the sexiest and most sexual sign and we kno it we will do thing slike that wen we want to attract someone, its prettyu much up to u to show him u like him back, maybe suggest doing something together, not like a date tho, suggest say goin somewhere together to get sumthin for the yard and he shud come around, maybe try touching him and the arm and that will drive him crazy, he shud make his move, we have very little patience

I’m married to one and in the beginning it was REALLY romantic but that has faded as he grew comfortable with me and then the ‘sting’ of the scorpion surfaced. He is still very hot and passionate in bed and I have no complaints there but when he is angered it’s a wrath I’d rather be without. He is loyal and will be there when I need him. From my experience, they are hard to love long-term unless you understand how they behave and you must share the same sexual passion they have – it is a big part of a Scorpio man. I think a Scorpio man is best paired with a strong woman (not necessarily strong physically, but metaphorically). Some things he does to show his attraction is gift giving – he likes to give me things. He also used to write me a lot of romantic letters and leave notes for me and do things for me – but almost a decade later and some of that has diminished…but that is probably to be expected with most men, not just Scorpios. *edit* stupendous is right about the bikini thing. Like I said – they are very sexually oriented. But it is WELL worth the reward!

I agree with you blue moon…
Im a scorpio and i dont know if all scorpio men are same, but I would do everything just to get closer to a girl i like,

honestly if i can be straight w you, he must be v fond of you, bc i sure as hell wouldnt go to my neighbours and baby-sit or start doing the dishes & laundry. Unless I naturally swooned over kids, then I would be more than happy to baby-sit for free. Are you going through financial difficulties, obviously you have no man in your life to do your yardwork and he’s helping you out. You know we can be surprisingly incredibly generous, if we see that someone needs sth. Some ppl dont deserve help.

So are you a charity case?

We need more details, bc he may like you.

Edit: Well it sounds like he really enjoys talking to you. Once I find someone I enjoy talking to (as in they make me feel comfortable around them, I will seek them out). Just keep talking, so that you guys can become buddy-buddy. Then go to the movies and do what friends do. He’ll hit on you, if he likes you.

Even if you didn’t mention that he is a Scorpio, it’s easy to guess!
Scorpio guys are attractive, gentlemen, caring in this way beside their nice smiles and staring.
BUT unfortunately they do it with many girls in the same time, which make the girls think: “Oh , he likes me, because of this and that”.
well, wait until he tell you that he likes you directly.
Good luck 😉

Scorpios are very loyal and obsessive people in relationships. If he loved you he would cling onto you. There’s nothing else I can say. Don’t mistake generosity for love. If he really loves you then he would tell you.

Their yardwork, take care of their plants, and take off their shirt, at the correct time…

You probably should forget about his birthday, and offer him some sweet tea, and chocolate cake …..

He’s a fruitcake. Are you serious? you really think he likes you ha! Dream on sister.

I doubt any differently than any other man.

do u believe in that?

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