I think my dog ate one Oreo cookie… Will she be okay?

My dog is about 50 pounds and she is a German shepard/Austrailian cattle dog and she is medium size… Will she be okay if she ate one Oreo cookie?

Yup…. My dog ate a oreo cookie months ago so…. your dog will be fine….

Yes your dog will be okay. The amount of different ingredients in one Oreo cookie will not harm your 50 pound dog. She might act a little hyper from the sugar and carbs from it but other than that she will be fine!

The toxicity of chocolate has many factors including the type of chocolate, the dogs weight and the individual dog them self (some have more tolerance than others). On one hand the Oreo is milk chocolate, less toxic than dark; on the other she’s a pretty young and still a small puppy. To be on the safe side I would call your vet and get their opinion; they will likely have you bring her in as a pre caution at the very least. They may induce vomiting to get it out of her system or simply prescribe Charcoal to help. Good Luck

Your dog will be fine.
My little dachshund ate a chocolate bar and was fine.
The chocolate in the oreo will have little effect on your big dog.
But don’t give your dog chocolate. This was probably an accident, thats what happened with my dog.


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