Is it just a coincidence that as Obama’s numbers have fallen, Fox News ratings have gone up?

I actually get a chuckle at all the attention that Fox News gets on here and on other “news” stations. I am sure it has spiked the curiosity of many people.

Maybe the Liberal obsession with FOX has backfired and caused more people to tune in, and possibly caused Obama’s approval numbers to go…

No, I’m pretty sure there’s a direct correlation between the two.

And it’s funny libs think it’s only “racist neocons” watching FoxNews.

CNN: 51% Democrats, 18% Republicans, 23% independents

MSNBC: 45% Democrats, 18% Republicans, 27% independents

Fox News: 33% Democrats, 39% Republicans, 22% independents…

Here’s the entire pdf from pew research….

So, over half of Fox News audience is either Democrat or Independent? Interesting….Kinda puts some holes in some people’s theories, huh? Guess they know where to go to get real, fair, and balanced news.

Maybe FOX NEWS should run in 2012. If the Dems can elect a Kenyan, the Repubs should be allowed to elect a corporation.

Not sure about that one, and I really don’t care about your question. But I don’t tamper with cable news networks at all. Local news is more straight up than most cable news networks. And you know that already. All I need for a news station to do is to tell me the facts, then let me make up my own opinion.

I don’t need other people telling me how I should think.

Liberals, in their obsession to silence Fox and marginalize Palin, seem to be just increasing attention devoted to both of them

No not a coincidence, people want the truth about what is going on so they turn to FOX.

As a Lib, I at least have the cojones to admit MSNBC is left-leaning.

Most Cons do NOT have the guts (or sense) to admit Fox “News” is equally right-leaning.

One of the most disturbing differences between Libs and Cons, is that Cons actually can not SEE the “truth”. That is one of the prime reasons I left the Republican Party in 2008.

I watch both Fox and MSNBC,
NOT for truth, but entertainment when I need a laugh
(and, of course, Rush, for extra-big laughs 🙂

“Fox ‘News’ is the highest-rated news program
amongst current and ex special-ed students ”

i wish they proceed because of the fact it does greater desirable their lost reason The greater human beings see it..the greater they completely comprehend why some human beings voted the way they did and the greater the entire worldwide will comprehend what frequent human beings might desire to placed up day in and day merely gazing the imbeciles that stay between us ! lol

He still has a 50% approval rating.

I was not polled, and neither where any of the Obama supporters that I know.

it’s fairly natural… people like to bash…

Rush’s ratings always go up under Democrat presidents… do you think it’s magic or coincidence?

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