Line 6 Spider 4 (15 watts) or Line 6 Spider Micro (6 watts) amp for guitar?

I have a band but we can only practise in school cause they have all the amps required. If I had an amp we could then practise at each other’s houses. I could also bring my amp into school just for playing with friends during free lessons and stuff. Later on, if I’m bothered, I could even go busking for fun…

I will tell you right now, before you throw away any money, Line 6 is the last company you want to buy an amp from. They’re affordable, but overtime you’ll begin to see that they’re very low-quality pieces of equipment. Additionally, you’ll want more than 6 watts if you’re going to be playing with a drum kit. Try to get 50W if you just want a practice amp, but can still be loud enough to be heard with a drum kit. If that’s too expensive, then you can go with a 30W as well, but I wouldn’t advise going much lower.

The style of music you’ll be playing is a big contributing factor, too. Marshall, Vox, Fender, Peavey, Blackstar, Mesa, and ENGL are all pretty good, though some of them (Blackstar, Mesa, ENGL) are best suited for heavy metal. Your best bet is to go into a guitar store, tell the employees what sort of music you’ll be playing, and try out some amps in the store. Just stay away from that Line 6…

Don’t get a line 6. Get a Fender Blues Jr. tubed. If you ever need to play a large venue you mic the amp to the sound system. 50 Watts is WAY to much unless you want to play outside or an arena etc. with no sound system. If you read up on amps you will find that tubed is the way to go and even if you can’t afford it, don’t buy anything else until you can. Line 6 is a waste of money. If you want a Marshall to go with humbuckers get a 30W.

6 watts can be surprisingly loud, although it may not sound that great turned all the way up (Solid state amps start sounding really crappy when you turn them up high, little tube amps sound really awesome though).

I would go for the 15W. It should be plenty loud, even for shows (if it’s loud enough for practice, it’s loud enough for a show).

I’m not a fan of the Line 6 products personally. I’ve never liked them. If you like how they sound, fine, but there are about 100 other amps I’d buy before a Line 6.

The Spider 4 is a great portable practice amp and it gets pretty loud. you can get a lot of tones out of it too.
I think the micro is a little bit too small.

I bought the spider 4 on the first day it came out and Ive been happy with it for a year.

Guitar output jack, to the Input of the Wah pedal Wah output jack, to the amp input, make sure that you use guitar cords only, not speakers cords, try to keep them short, if you can, too many long cables, can cause excessive hum noise. 1st, The pedals don’t come with the battery installed, you have to open the pedal up, and hook up the battery. 2nd, there is an on/off switch, under the pedal board, you have to push very hard down on the “toe” of the pedal, to activate the switch, they make it hard to activate the switch, so you don’t “accidentally” hit it, while you are using the pedal. 3rd, make sure that you have hooked it up properly, the in/outs cables, HAVE to be hooked up on the correct side. good luck

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