Poll: Last night whilst drinking in a dark bar …. ?

Wonder kept telling a fair lass how sexy she was, and how good looking Wonder is, whilst flexing my large fur-covered muscles.
Do you think Wonder convinced her of such nonsense?

Poll: Rum and Diet Coke ?
Vodka and Cranberries (fresh ones) ?

Wonder is super sexxy hot. No woman can resist Wonder. I am surprised she did not follow you home and offer to bear your kittens.

Cranberry pie. Yum! With a rum chaser.

I’m sure of it.

Poll: Wow, beer but if I’m gonna drink the hard stuff it doesn’t much matter. For the sake of the poll I will say Vodka and Cranberries (fresh ones). Wait a minute, no juice? I will have to go with Rum and Diet Coke.

I prefer vodka and cranberries because it doesn’t have the carbonation like rum and diet coke

I don’t know, but Wonder sounds like he’s a cat with THE MOVES.

Vodka and Cranberries.

Vodka and cranberries.
If you didn’t I pity the lass. You’re such a hunk of cat who could resist you. LMAO

Vodka and Cranberries.

Vodka and fresh cranberries of course

I have a long-handled razor for shaving my back. Would you like to borrow it?

Vodka and The Cranberries.

Well Wonder if it had been you, i would’ve made out with you see I don’t mind a lil’ hairball!!!

Fresh cranberries and Vodka in a Vodka Bra!!

vodka and cranberries in the vodka bra……what was the question? oh yea, yes I think wonder did because wonder ISSSSSS the wonder cat….and I’m sure you are wise enough to keep the drinks flowing for the young woman to help her with her decision

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