Who will you vote for in the 2016 presidential election?

I assume Mitt Romney will be elected in 2012. It’s very likely the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee will be someone OTHER THAN Barack Obama. I assume some American voters will assume ERomney’s reelection is far preferable to electing ANY Democrat, regardlesss of the individual. It’s…

Hilary Clinton the most obvious choice.
Joe Biden will run
Others might include Andrew Cuomo of New York, Martin O’Malley of Maryland and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

It completely depends on the next four years and I don’t think Romney is a lock to win this election.

I’m voting for Romney in 2012. If he is elected and does well I will vote for him in 2016.


No one knows who’s running yet.

You assume you know who will win this one? Only completely brain-dead people think they KNOW how this election will turn out.

No, everyone who cares about the well-being of most Americans will NOT want any Republican to have any power at all. After all, it’s the Republicans who nearly destroyed the country, and are doing everything they can to prevent its recovery.

Why do you hate America?

Given my past history of voting:

1996- Bob Dole
2000- George Bush
2004- George Bush
2008- John McCain
2012- Early voting this Monday, Mitt Romney

I would have to say Romney will be my likely choice, unless he turns into Bush Sr. and gets tax happy, in which case I will probably vote for him anyway because the alternative is likely to be worse, like Hussein Obama.

Re-elect President Romney. (2016)

why would people still think about the wildcard hypocrite romney? is america really that sick? we are losing it.we are as stupid as those guy in robes who believes in allah!~that is how stupid we become by mentioning a non candidate and a loser to a wimp.presidente obozo.

If the economy is doing well, Mitt Romney, if not then a different conservative

No. No no no. NO. First off you make some bold assumptions. And secondly we haven’t made it through this election. Don’t worry about the next one.

hillary clinton or maybe a republican that has some sense dont see it though

I don’t know. Who is running?

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