Would u sacrifice anything for ur lover?

I mean if is it ur life ur career ur economic level ur……etc

I am married, and I practically have sacrificed everything for him. Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. They never seem to realize all that you have sacrificed for them. Never sacrifice your moral values for theirs. I have, and I have not liked myself for a long time. I’m working on that however.

I would only sacrifice things for my kids.
In a relationship, you are not supposed to sacrifice, you grow together as a couple at the same level. If you or your boyfriend or girlfriend sacrifice something, it will be back in any little fight and it will make the other person fill less the what she or he is.
It is not that i am selfish, but realistic. Love is not about choosing or scarifying, it about growing together.

If you work hard for something than I sure as hell hope he is not asking you to sacrifice anything cause that means he/she is selfish. If someone really loves you they wont do that. With out more details it is kind of hard to give alot of advice.

My lover is God, so, ought to you stand your floor, for the only and in hardship-free words who had already sacrificed himself for you…even before you’ve been born? i ought to. resembling that tale about Columbine at the same time as the girl grow to be requested of she beleived in God and she or he reported convinced, she grow to be shot for her faith, how unhappy is that? i ought to have finished a similar element. If someone is prepared to take your existence for what you’ve self assurance in, then that man or woman is ill and wouldn’t have very nearly as a lot love as you’ve for the only you’re waiting to die for.

if you truely love them then yes you give all of your self to them.

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