Would you rather be a donald trump supporter or a mexican supporter?

And why

Well, I’m an American so… I want to support the American president before supporting… someone in another country. I know that sounds crazy these days but I’m old school. I mean, if there was some really good reason to support Mexicans over my own president, I might change my mind. Is there? Oh, do you mean ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico? Yeah, uh… ‘illegal’. Do you know what that word means? If we can disregard that law, can I disregard the laws against rape and murder as well?

Trump will help the Mexicans most

Which Mexican, there are millions of them?

Don’t tease the Monkeys in the Zoo and don’t tease the unhinged Liberals in the streets.

@ Anonymous,

As a 100% Mexican, you’re an a f*cking idiot. And why do you hide yourself to be Anonymous? Any Mexicans who voted that draft dodger who doesn’t pay taxes & believes everything he says are sheeps. You are a disgrace.

-Sanders supporter

The Mexican supporter supports what?

I would be the wall in between

If we’re talking about soccer, I’d rather be a Mexican supporter than a USA supporter.

America sucks at soccer

I’ll be anything that lets our country lower homelessness, change schools for better education, address addictions instead of demonizing them.. There are so many more things in this country going on than if a person should hate our president… Just saying*

What is a Mexican supporter? This is America, dammit.


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