Does a dog live better as an inside dog or an outside dog?

I have two Australian Cattle Dogs, when they are outside, they want to come inside, and when they are inside, they want to go outside. So what do you think is best? Which will be healthier and make them live longer?
Thank you! 🙂

Why does it have to be one or the other? My dog does both; when she wants to go out, we let her out, and when she wants to come back in, we let her back in. Not a big deal. Install a doggie-door if you just don’t want to keep letting them in/out. But dogs are pack animals and need companions. Although they have each other, you and your family are a part of their pack as well and interactions with you keep them happy and stable. Indoors is always better, but having Australian Cattle Dogs means that you are required to exercise them like there’s no tomorrow so whatever works best for your dogs. Both is my recommendation.

Answer: inside except for working dogs. Just my opinion…if your dog is a pet, it should ‘live’ inside. Does that mean it is inside most of the time? Not necessarily (some dogs DO prefer outdoors, by far). But they should sleep inside and be trained as indoor dogs, especially if you live anywhere other than the country (urban, suburbia, etc). Sounds like you are trying to get support to justify your dog ‘living’ outside. I understand, some dogs may do just fine outside. But I have seen far too many animals tied up all day long, suffering in extreme weather conditions, unprotected, and all but ignored because they are outdoors when everyone else is indoors, and/or put outdoors because people are too lazy to train them. I’m not saying you fall into any of these categories, just reporting what I have experienced.

I’ve had an Australian shepherd for about 9 years now, and I can tell you that Jack has been happy as long as he’s with me. If you want him to still be healthy, that’s a different story. They are playful by nature and need something to run after. I used to race him home all the time when we would go for a walk. He loved that. I’d let them outside to play together, I know having two dogs is hard, good luck with what you decide!

Let them do both. They need constant attention to be happy though so if you do choose for them to be outside make sure you play and pet them all the time and dont just leave them out there with a bowl of food and water and to entertain themselves all day

i think a mixture of both. it also depends on the breed. if you have happy energetic dogs, a outddor and indoor life is good so they can blow off the steam outside and relax and chill out inside.

I have an Aussie/Border Collie mix. Missy decides what she wants to do. She stays in most of the time and ask to go out when she’s ready to run and play. I let her decide

Why not install a dog door? That way the dogs can come and go.

My dogs stay outside all day and come in during the night. That seems to be the best way for them.

From my experience, indoors dogs live better with access to outdoors. They arent exposed to parasites and pests like outdoors dogs (i.e. ticks, fleas, bugs, etc) They arent exposed to the elements (i.e. weather, spiteful and mischievious neighbors unbeknownst to you, loud noises)Bring ’em indoors.

Based on the particular breed you refered to in the question, I would say the outside.

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