Biggest Pet Peeve at the Theatre?

What is your biggest pet peeve at the Movie Theatre

People who have a conversation / constantly discussing the movie

People who have their phones on/check them during the movie

People who sit with their feet up on the seat in front

People who get up all the time and walk around

Mine is definitely…

yes people who talk…nothing is worse. thats why i stopped going to movie theature because people dont know how to act.

My biggest pet peeve is when people talk during the movie.

For example,
When I went to see Inception there was this annoying little girl sitting directly behind me who wouldn’t shut up and be quiet. She had already seen the movie and was proudly explaining the plot to her grandparents. She ended up giving the entire movie away and ruined the experience for me.

People who are dumb enough to pay as much for the ticket as the DVD costs a few weeks later and don’t bypass all of the stupidity in the first place

I hate when I’m at a movie with someone and they keep leaning over to me to tell me interesting facts about the actors/production (like when a certain scene comes up they talk about how it was filmed on location or something) when I REALLY don’t care.

For me it’s a tie between people who talk during the movie, and people kicking the back of my chair.

When people smack their popcorn, and slurp their drinks, and when people talk loudly during a movie. I mean it’s fine if you whisper about something quickly. But talking to loud? That’s a no no. 🙂

i know i tottaly agree
People who have a conversation / constantly discussing the movie
is the most annoying
its like shut up
i paid to see this
and now i wanna see this
not listen to your opions

People who have a conversation

When people check their phone and the light of the screen is really bright and you can just see it out the corner of your eye and it’s so distracting.

definitely people talking. i hate it when the people in front of or behind you is talking about something stupid and you cant hear what the actors are saying on the screen :/

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