Honest opinions, what do you think about having a 3rd child when you have a 7 and almost 5 yr old currently…

Ok, I have been having a lot of thoughts about maybe including another little one into our family. I am happily married, have 2 kids currently and we own a 3 bedroom home…my kids right now do not have to share a room. I wanted to know if there are any pro’s or cons into adding a baby to the lives of my kids…

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it…if anything…the kids are old enough now to allow you the time required to care for an infant.

Its really a personal decision. There’s no right or wrong answer that I could possibly give you. Sharing a room is an adjustment, but not the end of the world. Talk to your kids. See how they would feel about adding a new little brother or sister. They may love the idea. Even if they hate the idea though, its still your decision. They’ll get use to it just like every other child in the entire world has. If you and your husband want another child and are perfectly capable of caring for another child….. what’s stopping you? Don’t sweat the small stuff.

only you and your husband can make that decision.

from my personal experience, I have an 8 year old and a 4 year old daughters, we are also trying for another. We also have a 3 bedroom home, but my girls have chosen on their own to share a room, so when and if another baby comes along, there’s not much of a worry about where to put it. (until my oldest becomes a teen anyways! haha) A lot of members in my family have gone for the 4-5 year gap in between their kids, and we all enjoy it.

I’m lucky that my girls are enjoying the same toys still, heck they enjoy about everything the same, except when it comes to movies and TV shows.. I’m hoping the next baby will have the same closeness with it’s siblings but there’s no way to know for sure, until it happens.

best of luck to you!

ps. I’m the daughter of a man who has children in every age bracket he could muster haha. 37, 35, 28, 27, 16, 12. and I get along great with all my siblings… I love being a big sister, and being able to help my little brother and sister along their way.

My daughters are 10 and 6, my 6 year old has been telling me we need a baby, but I am so glad to finally have my freedom back! I am able to run to the store or go out for a minute without the kids and they are pretty self sufficient so I don’t have to constantly worry about them and monitor what they are doing. Another up side is we just went to Disneyland and it was really nice for my husband and I because each of us always had 1 to ride with, no one was left out and we each knew which child we had to keep an eye on, it was much easier that way. It is completely a personal decision if you love your children and think you have time for another than do it but if you like the freedom you are coming upon I suggest you look forward to grandchildren as I am doing.

My niece has 3 daughters, and they are 8, 6 and just turned 2. The two older ones share a bedroom and the little one has her own room, which is how all 3 of them like it. She tells me that 3 is great, because when she wants to have one-on-one time with each of them – there are always 2 to play together. What does your husband think?

Well I have an 8 year old and almost 5 year old sharing a room and the 2 year old has her own room. Everyone seems to play okay together. But the 2 and almost 5 year old get along better than the almost 5 with the 8 year old.

There were two kids in my class whos parents had another baby when we were 12. It would kinda be like having another family…with just one child after the older two are gone to college. I dont see any problems with it, if you want another child then have one…I always say “Someday you might regret NOT having another child, but you will never regret HAVING another one.” Good Luck!

Edit- Also my husband is 6 yrs younger than his sister and 8 yrs younger than his brother and they get along very well now as adults…my brother and I are only 2 yrs apart and I dont get along with him.

This question made me laugh because there is such a big age difference between me and all of my sisters. I am the oldest of 4 girls….I’m 24, next is 17, next is 11 and the last is 4! People always ask me if my parents divorced, but nope! We all have the same mother and same father. Now that I am a mommy myself, my youngest sister is a little 4 year old Auntie! Ha Ha!
Anyways, I woudn’t worry about it 🙂

i had my third baby when my daughter was 6 and my son was 2 1/2 yrs old and i am still going crazy with 3 kids…

At that age I begged my mom for a little sister. I had a little brother and I guess I could have gotten one more brother but I wanted a little sister so bad!

I think at their age it will help them learn respect, responsiblity, and love. I want a HUGE family so I am all for new family members. 🙂

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