How do I put a video clip in slow motion on Windows Live Movie Maker (for windows 7)?

Does anyone know how to put a video clip in slow motion on Windows Live Movie Maker, for windows 7?

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I don’t believe that this is an available option in Windows Live Movie Maker. You can add effects to existing video, cut and paste and assemble parts of a video into a whole, and add transition effects between elements, but there is no way to speed up of slow down the playback. You’ll need a different program to do that.

Use Video effects > Slow down, half!

There’s a limit to how many effects you can use on each clip, so you may not get it down to the speed you want. Just experiment! Good luck and hope this will help out!

In addition to stella’s comment, to add more than six effects, publish the video, and re import the published video, and add more effects. You will loose some quality though. When I was running the Win7RC there was no moviemaker, so I hope you didn’t get stuck with the minimalistic one they were pushing in the live suit.

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