Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Contact?

Poll: Who’s your favorite contact?

You can name as many as you want….I like all my contacts, Rangers, YFFL, Anthony, Scooter, Jenna, Utley For Prez, O’s Girl, Jenn, bballplayer21, Mimi, Heidi, Koolish, Kalina, Atlanta Braves Fan, GoBravos321, Abstract, Morgan, KZ, Little Dustin, PPPL, Snakebite,…

You and heidi

Reed Space, Rangers, YFFL, YOU :), Heidi, Mimi, Morgan, Utley for prez, Elizabeth, Just in la la land, Jenn, Scooter, SteveB, Timmy, PPPL, Powermonger, Survivor, Shintalka, bballplayer21, & so many more πŸ™‚

Tough question. Top 1: Kathwa, Regwah, Alleshiea, Shreebee, Chuckles, Ana, Easty, IQ, The Saint, TheDudeAbides, Turtle, Trish, Dawna, Cuervo, + 48 others. πŸ˜€

This can just keep me writing. I’ll write down some πŸ˜€

Desiree, Nicole, Trishee, Tara, Rick James, Prime time, Christina is so real, pandaberry, I can get sexual too, Oh em gee, Hidden Smile, Cookie monster, Oh dang, let’s bang, Michael, Metal up your @ss, Lena, Marybeth, Mimi, Mason, Russian doll, cherry, anna, ella, HRM, Lady Duchess, Simply amused, Your Imaginary Friend, Space monkeys, that kid.

There’s a lot more πŸ˜€
I love them all. They know :]

Awww, thank you :]

My faves are…. You, Mimi, Jenna, Veganized World, YFFL, Scooter, Morgan, Utley for Prez, etc…

All of my contacts are fantastic! :]

Yeah Thanks fo mentioning me so much okay i have many contacts that i like here is my list… don’t like to do them but these people i talk to more often than none,

You, Justin, Scooter, Utley 4 President, Rangers, AB, Jade, Dominator, Mimi, Elizabeth, Kim, Antonio, MC, Jack, SK., So Fresh So clean.

Well that’s it thanks for the Mention πŸ˜€

Tia Shasha, You : ), Jade (She’s cool people), Janet YFFL, Rangers, Mimi, all the real Mets and Lakers fans on there. Really, all of the contacts who showed me love. All of them have been cool.

Aww…thanks love. You’re my favorite contact as well Β§ΠΊΟ„ β™₯ MJ.

But to be honest all of my contacts are amazing. The MJ family is great and I couldn’t imagine not being able to chat with them once in awhile. πŸ˜‰

OMG: JOKEY, RJ, Og, Mirror, Kristy, Precious, Banjo, LDWMJ, Life is Beautiful, Betty, Willow, NextEx, BJ girl, Watermelon, Latina Bonita, Kiss my apples, omg i fear I’m missing several

My favorites are Rangers and Horns play, Casey-G, and chrisarrow222. But I really love all of guys you all make my day.

I have so many so I might come back and edit a few times lol.

SFSC, MC, SK, YFFL, Mamba, Walter <he’s funny, Nick C, JDC, Tim, Leggo, Abstract, Jack, AAV, Dominator, Cristian, Jericho!!, Rock On <he’s funny, YK, Kibret, David, Robert, Konj, Maaricle, It… I’m sure there’s more lol.

I like all of my contacts and fans because they’re sexy πŸ˜‰

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