Any girls wanna help a 15 yr old guy whith a their shoe style opinion? Please!?

I’m a 15 year old boy and I need some new shoes. I like to be kinda unique and in the past have worn Chuck Taylors and classic New Balence. But do you have any suggestions??!?!

oh yeah, I already have some rainbows (2 pairs!) so dont need any more flipflops!

and if your wondering what i look like, go to…

converse all stars are really nice, i boght 2 pairs and mix matched them >.< i walk around with one blue shoe and one green shoes, but there the same style just different colors. i actually get alot of compliments on them also.

i really like Ed Hardys to. there like converses kinda but they got like skulls and stuff on them

Sound like a pair of Kenneth Cole or RocketDog canvas tennis look would be great w/ ur style like the buddy look 2 Pro-Kids by Damon Dash the hot stuff. Look online @

Go with the style that you like there are lots of designs and styles out there Happy shopping

i think by how you have described your style why not get some cool dr martins boots they look so cool with cargos and band t shirts. theyre very rockin here in the U.K. hope this helps 🙂

Vans or Converse,there really cool on guys!.

I think its all about vans and converse, or maybe DC’s or etnies if oyu like.

But to be original I customise my converse cause i am good at art, so you could do that =] (Y)

Vans are totally in right now.
i suggest some of those.

they look great on EVERYONE.
sounds like it would be your style.

Converse. Every guy looks great in them!


go to journey’s, basically anything in there

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