B&A: Do you find that creating character’s opposite of your gender is more enjoyable? +BQ’s:)?

Than creating character’s of the same gender? Or No?

I enjoy writing more about female character’s than male characters. Being a guy and writing about a guy gets very very boring after awhile. I can’t explain why but perhaps writing from a female’s point of view is a break from the mundane. I…

Surprisingly, I do. When I first created my MC’s I felt more connected to the guy than my female MC’s. I don’t know why that is, I’m not a tomboy myself, but I’m not exactly a girly girl either.
I do find that girls can annoy me sometimes in books, like, they get too whiny and clingy, whereas guys… don’t, most of the time.
I also like it because you’re allowed to put your own twist on how the other sex think, almost.
Good question.

BQ – Good. I edited today. I stared at my book for, like, ten mins and then didn’t even write anything more, lol. But the editing was good.
BQ2 – Don’t know, I write with pen and paper. OH! Actually, I did type it up. One minute… 1455. That’s crap. Shockingly bad. I find it really hard to stick to one chapter, I have to move to other scenes before I get bored and all the life gets sucked out of my writing. Works for me.
BQ3 – Yeah, all of them. They live in completely separate parts of their world, so they all have different speech patterns, which I’m working on. Mathew and Jade speak in slightly the same manner, but Dani’s is completely different.

Oh – and LOL at your answer to my BQ3 (confused.com).

xx 🙂 xx

Hmm… I’ve never thought much about this actually. Now that I am thinking about it, I think I do enjoy writing from a male character’s POV. In fact, even when I write with a MC who’s a girl like me, I really enjoy the scenes with a male character in them as well as my MC. It’s refreshing almost, and I think it’s also what you said – a break from the mundane. It’s also interesting to write from a perspective that I don’t fully have myself. As you pointed out, a boy would react a different way than I would, so writing a different reaction than I have all the time is refreshing.

I think it has something to do with how not girly I am as well. I’m not necessarily a tomboy, but I hate makeup, shopping (unless it’s at a book store ^.^), talking and talking on the phone to friends, and other girly things most girls my age are into. I’m naturally more quiet so I typically write about characters that are more quiet than characters that talk nonstop. I feel like I can write about a quiet male character more believably than a quiet female one. I’ve had both female and male MCs, but I don’t think I’ve ever written a story without at least one fairly important male character.

UPDATE: I forgot the BQ’s again!
BQ: Still coming along very well. I’ve gotten a lot of the language done too which is fun but a lot of work 😀

BQ2: I’m at 3,887 words ^.^

BQ3: Many of them have an accent, but it’s not a real one (meaning it’s not a German accent for example, it’s an accent that goes with the land I invented) and I don’t really know how to describe it haha 🙂 It’s sort of like a Pacific Islander’s accent, but not quite.

It’s not really a preference of writing them, but at the moment about 90 percent of the characters I write for either novels or short stories are male, the only females being secondary characters. I actually do find them easier to write even though I’ve used female main characters in five or six novels before this. I find that if I’m writing the opposite gender, I don’t put as many of my character traits into my characters. Also, I write gay romance and I find it so much easier to write love scenes between two men than between a man and a woman. And yes, I know that’s a bit odd.

BQ1: It isn’t. My last novel is currently with my publisher, just finished the editing stages and I don’t really want to start another long project. I wanted a break and so, at the moment, I’m writing short stories. I have three that I’m in the middle of writing.

BQ2: The first is at 10,782 words, the other two are at 1,268 words and 459 words. I’ve only been writing them since the beginning of the month, though.

BQ3: My main character in the longest story is from Northern Ireland, so yes he does have an accent.

I’m a girl and often time favor male characters when writing.
But usually I just like whatever the story calls for. I think my own interests sort of influence what “the story calls for” because I end up with way more male characters than female.
So I guess that yes, I find writing in the opposite gender more fun than writing in the same. I usually don’t find it challenging but interesting.

BQ: How’s your novel coming along?
Great! I can’t believe I’m at least a around a third of the way done.

BQ2: What is your word count?
23,000 words 🙂

BQ3: DO any of your character’s have any specific accent?:)
Nope. Just a northern american one XD

What an interesting topic!

Now that you mention it, I think I know what you mean. My MC is female and a couple of my SCs are female so I feel like they’re really easy to write about… maybe even too easy. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not that I don’t enjoy writing about them at all, but I understand what you mean about it being… uninteresting. I actually have more male characters than female characters in my current story (for once) and many of them get quite a bit of “screen time” as I like to call it. Every chapter in my story is from a different character’s perspective, so it’s always interesting when it comes to writing from a male character’s point of view. It’s not necessarily hard, I’ve just found that I have to put a little more thought into it and use my imagination. Since I’m not a guy, it’s hard to know how a guy’s mind works (admit it — there are differences!) and what he might be thinking about. I think I’m getting better at it though, especially with a couple of the male characters that occur frequently in the plot, because I’ve had plenty of time to develop their trains of thought and I know how to continue them. It’s almost like I know them as people now.

BQ: My story is coming along slowly but surely. With school I don’t have a lot of time to work on it, and when I have any spare time there are usually a hundred other things that I want to do at the same time. I’ll have a little time to work on it today which will be nice 🙂

BQ2: I’m not sure because I’m actually at school right now… in class (shhh!)… Last time I checked it was a little over 50,000 and I’ve written a little more since then.

BQ3: It depends on whose point of view the story is currently in. The majority of my characters aren’t human, and I’ve always pictured their language sounding a little like German. However, when a human character or a character from another planet meets them, he would hear them speaking with a German-ish accent. When they’re speaking to each other though, it would just sound like plain English. Does that make any sense at all? It would make more sense if it was a movie I’m sure.

Actually, I’m a guy and I prefer writing from a guys POV! I suspect it’s because not only I’m a guy but I don’t know how girls act or speak etc. I go to a boys school which explains why. But it is still really interesting.

To be honest, my novel has stuff to do with politics, people in power and the Egyptian revolution for example. Politics there is quite dominated by men, so in my story, most of the characters have to be men anyway!

BQ: Fine, thanks. Just need 2 more subplots and I can’t think of any right now, anyone know some common ones that are popular in novels?

BQ2: 12,104 precisely!

BQ3: Yes, the Main Character’s girlfriend is from Bolton in Northern England 😛

I don’t know, I really liked creating the main two guys in my book. That is until my English teacher read the first 3 chapters to my class and the *popular* girls started a team Isaac v team Alec thing, and now that’s how they work out the teams for cricket/rounders in PE – SO ANNOYING!!!

BQ: A little further than the last time you asked although I took some timeout to draw a couple of my characters, that was pretty fun. How’s yours?
BQ2: Hold on. 17,872 words for the first 5 chapters – I’m gonna have some major editing to do. :{
BQ3: Yes I have a French antagonist at one point in the series by the name of Jean-Claude. Isaac has a very slight Mayfair accent, Alec is a Harley street doctor so he’s pretty posh, Grace is the tiniest bit Italian and Elisa has a Gloustershire accent.

I agree with you. I’m not really sure why, I just think you can go further with male characters than you can with female. And like you, I spend more time developing them. Females are easy to create because I am one, whereas males are just alot more exciting to write and figure out. I’m probably not always right with the way they turn out but all in all I find it more enjoyable.

BQ: How’s your novel coming along?
It’s a bit meh at the moment. It’s going slow.

BQ2: What is your word count?
Um..probably a handful of sentences 😮 I’ve stalled for the time being.

BQ3: DO any of your character’s have any specific accent?
Well, in book 1, my characters are french. My MC has a Parisian accent. In my 2nd book, set in a steampunk/slight fantasy universe, my characters speak a language that vaguely resembles Polish/Russian. For the sake of my sanity I’ll be writing it in English and just pretending.

Actually to be honest, no. I don’t really find creating male characters enjoyable because it’s very hard. I don’t have many guy friends so I find it very difficult to see through a male’s eyes.

BQ: Still planning
BQ2: None
BQ3: One of my characters (a man in his 60’s) speaks in a thick Somerset accent. I find the accent fun to write and it’s hilarious, especially when you hear people speak in the accent.

Yes and no. I mean, I do enjoy writing males at times and I do do that, but at times I just want to write in females pov. I think more naturally in females than in males. Even though I do try to stay more with males than females, I think the stories I create make more sense in the females pov. Or I just naturally write it in the females. It has to be the right story for me to write in the males pov. Otherwise, it’s not as enjoyable for me to write it because I don’t feel it’s right.

BQ: Currently? Slow. -_-
BQ2: Not a clue. I haven’t touched my story in a while.
BQ3: Nope.

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