Brothers pregnant girlfriend is driving everyone INSANE!?

My brothers 23 year old girlfriend is 5 1/2 months pregnant and she is driving my mother, my sister in law, and me out of our minds!

She’s started calling all of us non-stop and whining about everything and if we don’t answer the phone she leaves 5+ minute long messages asking “why we couldn’t…

All I can say is wow. I think that she needs someone like your brother to sit down with her and tell her that if she does not stop that things are going to start getting uglier and uglier. No one in the family needs to be putting up with her when she is acting like that. I am almost 6 months along I will be in two days and it is not as painful as she makes it out to be yes when she is 7 to 9 months yes it does it get a little painful when the baby stretches.

Another thing that someone needs to mention to her is that when you go into labor you can not talk it is so painful and you will have that kind of pain between 1 to 4 minutes she would have another one. She also needs to go to parenting classes just to help her prepare for the delivery how to handle the stress of it all, and what to do if you get angry or frustrated. My doctor suggested it and it some of the things did help.
The last thing is she needs to stop bothering your family so much I understand that she is scared and not knowing what to do but call at reasonable hours and not all the time.
Good Luck Sorry sounds like a hard 5 1/2 months.

Well isn’t that a story about the pregnant Frankenstein? LOL

For starters, the next call you get from her – tell her that you will no longer accept her phone calls until the baby is born. Next, get in touch with your brother & let him know in no uncertain terms how his girlfriend is causing your familly no end of distress with her incessant whining & attention-getting ways. Tell him that none of you want to talk to her until after the birth, if she doesn’t learn to control herself. If she is in that much pain, she should see a doctor and leave you folks alone.

On the flip side, maybe you should call her and whine about every little thing for hours on end & let her see how it feels with the shoe on the other foot.

God bless you all for your patience and if she doesn’t like kids, I hope she gives it up for adoption rather than mistreat the child who has no choice in being born to someone like that.

Where’s your brother while all this is going on? His girlfriend is undoubtably being immature from what you describe. Try talking to her without all the judgement and sense of bias in the back of your mind. It can be hard to do that yes and I’m not saying she’s right or you’re wrong but the reality is, she’s there and you have to deal with the situation the best you can.

She needs to calm down. Talk to your brother about it and have him approach the situation. That would be the best way. You don’t want to affend her hormonal butt at this point! LOL… wow… Drama queen! How is she going to handle the BIRTH! I am so sorry and God bless you for putting up with her as long as you did! Good luck!

This is just my opinion but from what I understand this is your brothers girlfriend and I would talk to him. He needs to understand that this is starting to effect everyone in your family and something has to change. If he has a hard time talking to her then I would have someone that can talk to her in a effective and appropriate way so she understands this is effecting your family. It seems to me that she is using her pregnancy for attention. Did she act like this before? This is hard because she is in a delicate situation but if she is exaggerating her symptoms and choosing to act out more then usual at family events she needs to be told to relax and respect you and your family.

Call your brother and tell him he needs to get his girlfriend into therapy. No normal woman acts like that. She is either attention seeking or depressed and will only manage to destroy any possible relationship with his relatives unless something is done soon.

wow… tell her to get over herself, shell have to learn to when the baby comes anyway. at 5 1/2 months, the kicks shouldnt be that painful so i’d say shes just being over dramatic.
and if its that important to her to have her shower RIGHT NOW, let her do it herself, or let her family do it for that matter. it will safe you time, energy , and money!

omg thats horrible! i know what u mean! i have a sisiter in law! huuuuh! anyway tell ur brotehr or her 4 that matter unplug ur fones and tell her 2 wise up! pregnancy is nt that hard! tell her that u cnt have a baby shower 4 her and if she still doesn’t listen buy her a baby preizzie and a dew ballons theres her shower! best of luck- and i mean it! – love kerry x0!

i would let her know stright up this has to stop be blut if it hurts her feelings she will realize after baby that she was being a bit dramatic. i had a friend that use to do that and it pissed me off.

just block her number

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