Can heterosexual men wear women’s clothes in public? I like to wear women’s socks & at least one toe ring.

I believe that it is unfair how heterosexual women can get away with way more fashion than heterosexual men. These women can wear (if not all) a lot of men’s fashions and the lucky women can still be considered cute or tough, whereas the men would most likely be considered “gay” wearing women’s…

The reason why its unacceptable for a boy to wear girls clothes is because of its association with transvestites. A transvestite is normally a heterosexual male who feels a NEED to wear woman’s clothes. When he wears girls clothes then his brain releases these neurotransmitters which gives him a feeling of well-being, sexual gratification, pleasure, and self-identity. These are powerful chemicals which are also associated with other addiction patterns. The process of wearing girls clothes and the “high” they get can produce a NEED to go further and further in their crossdressing experience. They try harder and harder to get their “high”. Eventually they create a female alter-ego which incorportes their expression of the ultra-feminine. They give their female alter-ego a name. Then they fall in love with their alter-ego. They consider themselves as expressing their female identity.

As heterosexuals they usually get married, and they want their spouse to participate and encourage their cross-dressing. Their spouse soon tires of this and complain that they feel their husband’s second love. If they have children then their children are taught to keep daddy’s secret or risk the ridicule of their peers. They grow up with low self-esteem. When the transvestite is in his 40’s he hits a mid-life crisis. He wants to be more feminine not less. He takes greater risks with this cross dressing and even considers surgery. He may even leave his wife and family in order to pursue his first love.

For this reason society believes that it is healthy for boys to like being boys and for girls to like being girls.

It is basically that, I have often wondered why a female wouldn’t be flattered instead of appalled but also humans have to find fault in others to make themselves feel good… as for Steph’s answer, yes women do wear mens clothes all the time, depending on how old you are you may not realize it. 80 years ago women DID NOT wear pants unless you were a factory worker because all the men were off dying @ 26 in the world wars. Also don’t forget the “women’s business suit” which usually is donned by a skirt however it emulates a mans suit. As for the other, that a woman stays the same but a man becomes more feminine, that is partly true, but are you saying it is bad to be feminine? The human species is one of the few that are actually backwards. The bird FULL of color is the male while the female is usually a very plain neutral color, the male lion with his mane, while the female lion is just plain. As far as the masculine part, i can protect just as well or better being feminine as I could a man. I am pretty sure gouges from my nails or my spike heel in your chest would hurt a great deal more than my fist… society needs to let go of its twisted “standard” and let people be. Men are portrayed and looked on as savage brutes, and then the other hand is saying “why cant they be more sensitive and understanding and/or show their feminine side” PICK ONE! Just as you the FEMALE would be enraged if told you couldn’t wear your jeans, well don’t tell me I can’t wear my dress. Mens fashion, or simply, what they are “supposed” to wear, is just plain boring… ” hey honey, should I wear the blue suit or the black one?” WOW stand back on that one! Aren’t women just a little tiny bit tired of seeing men dress like penguins??? What if you had to wear the same black and white dress all the time… I believe that is called a nun and I certainly don’t see the masses knocking down that door to get a hold of that dress. When I put on my make up or wear my heels, it is because “I” want to, because it is me, its not to be masculine or feminine. Yes I am a man and I wear what I want to wear, if you don’t like it, well… that’s your problem! What really baffles me is why this is a bigger issue than the beached whale wearing booty shorts @ the grocery store… I really don’t want to see that! And by beached whale I mean Ms. 400lbs that cant wait to get her next triple whopper with a diet coke! AND FOR ALL YOU “GAYS” NO IT DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE GAY… IF YOU WANT TO LIVE BY THAT THEORY THAN EVERY WOMAN THAT WEARS PANTS IS A LESBIAN!

Well he certainly can if he wants to.
I would caution him if he lived in an area that is clearly less tolerant of different lifestyles.
Yes, you are right that most people even gays would assume a man is gay if he were wearing women’s clothing.
It’s knee-jerk reaction. Not that many straight men are brave enough to do it. So it is not what you might the precedent. Nevertheless people should not jump to conclusions.
Have you ever seen Eddie Izzard.
He’s a British comedian who is also cross-dresses.
He looks great. Rent a couple of his CD’s, he’s terribly funny as well as pretty.
I’m gay but I think it so cool when a straight man is so woman identified. You (meaning men) can appreciate so much more how much work goes into looking good and what an art it really is. Very often men look so well with make-up and women’s clothes. But sometimes not so much.
Still it’s not really about whether you can pass as a woman but that you just feel good in women’s clothes.
I say go for as long as you won’t be in physical danger.
You might also wear a button that say,” In case you’re wondering. . .I like girls”. . .or “FYI, I like to fuc* girls.”

here’s a couple of Eddie links:…

he is so funny

Guys can wear whatever they want in public, as long as they wear enough for local laws. (As in no picking up their kids from school nude.) Most people in big cities don’t care at all. I’m a very out transgender and I’ve yet to run into someone that has had a problem with the fact that I almost always wear women’s clothing.

I am a part time closet heterosexual crossdresser, and I couldn’t agree with you more – it’s SOOOO unfair. I long to wear my dresses and skirts out in public, but fear the potential ridicule. I do find that you can wear the occassional feminine article, but it can’t be too feminie. Maybe just a little lip gloss or shadow might be acceptable. Times are changing, just not fast enough.

you’re right. the public perception of a man in obviously feminine clothing is that he must be gay. these perceptions change over time and across cultures. there was a time when a woman who chose to wear pants instead of a skirt was considered very much on the fringes of society. fortunately, you live in a time when you are free to wear whatever you want. go ahead and challenge perceptions. take the opportunity to show people that not everyone is going to fit into the mold they want to place you in. you have an opportunity to educate those who are more narrow minded than yourself and i encourage you to do so.

I think it would be ok, but if I saw a man wearing a pink frilly dress in public I would probably think he is gay. If you would like to wear womens clothes in public (and you are straight) you would probably be thought as of gay.

Your content answered your question for you:”These women can wear (if not all) a lot of men’s fashions and the lucky women can still be considered cute or tough, wereas the men would most like lt be considered gay…..”

Sweetness, I’m of the opinion that one should wear whatever makes one the most comfortable. Society has a far too uppity opinion of itself. I’d like to see a few more fish costumes on the street, or bathrobes, or men in dresses. I’d love to see a few more naked (that would be nude….) folk on the street sunning themselves…okay, maybe not right on the street…Honestly I’m not kidding. Wear your socks and be comfortable and then be honest about it. Blessings.

I think some heterosexual men do that. Though I don’t know any.

Thanks for the 2 points, this one was easy.

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