Can i drive a smart car on a provisional lisence?

Yes you can drive a Smart Car on a provisional licence, just like any other car, but you will need to display L plates front and rear, not drive on motorways and be supervised by someone who is at least 21 years old and has held their full car licence for a minimum of three years for the class of vehicle you wish to drive (i.e. if they have an automatic licence they can only supervise you in an automatic car). You will of course need to be insured to drive the car and it must be in roadworthy condition (it’s your responsibility to check), taxed and have an MOT (if over three years old).

Yes you can. Obviously the car must be correct in that it is roadworthy, insured, taxed etc. Also the person with you must be 21 or over and have held a full car license for at least 3 years. You can do this for as long as you like while you learn to drive and study for your theory test.

the rules are the same for a smart car as any other car. You need someone in the car with you who is over 21 and has at least 3 years driving experience. You need to be insured to drive it too.If you drive it on your own without someone in the car you are breaking the law and can face serious consiquences.

It is just a normal car, albeit a very small one, so the same rules apply as to any car.
You can drive it with “L” plates displayed, a qualified supervisor in the passenger seat, and the appropriate insurance cover.

No way they are a normal car they just have a small engine (I have one). You can only drive cars without a reverse gear with a provisional licence

With L plates and a driver with over 3 years driving exp.

no as its a proper car only its got a small engine you can drive a car without reverving gears or a trike on a provisinol liscence

no you can’t. you need a full licence to drive any car alone…..unless you are sad enough to drive a three wheeler Reliant Robin :-/

You can drive any car as long as you’re insured and have an experienced passenger with a full licence.

No. you cant drive any car unless supervised by someone who has passed their test at least 3 years ago.

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