Current atheist former Christians that were previously atheist…which felt more liberating to you…?

Which felt more liberating to you: when you first got “saved,” or when you decided to stop following Christianity’s doctrines?

For those going, “What the ****,” I’m talking about people that were atheists which then got “saved,” but ended up becoming atheist again.


When I left, without a doubt. I was almost giddy, coming up questions that I didn’t dare think before. I didn’t have to defend the indefensible anymore, either.

No answers yet, is it just that there aren’t many atheist to Christian to atheist conversions, or that they don’t want to talk about it?

I come mildly close in the opposite direction: I was raised Catholic, lapsed in my teen years and was mostly agnostic for decades, then returned to the church in my 40s.

Rejecting Catholicism in my teens felt liberating at the time, but as I aged and dealt with some of the harsh realities of life, in particular the death of loved ones, I found that lack of faith left me feeling more constrained and less liberated. If there is no “beyond” then my loved ones are gone forever, never to be seen or talked to again, and before too much longer so will I. Nothing really helps you get over this when you’re agnostic. Upon returning to the church I felt a sense of liberation from the dread of non-existence. All of this, including the suffering, is not random chemical reactions, it’s all for a purpose and according to a plan – that faith has liberated me from paralyzing indecision and fear.

After thinking about your question and reading some of the answers it reconfirmed what I always thought that many people in today’s society love the easy way out. “I don’t have to think”, Very liberating not to have to think”, just a couple of the answers. Sounds like a lot that I’ve heard from those who want to “Feel Good”, regardless of what I have to sacrifice to have the feeling. Of course its always easy to take the escapes in our society. However, I can guarantee later in life these same people will be wondering why life is a drag, with little meaning, and just to “Buy Stuff” doesn’t solve the worthless feeling. At some point in time I believe most intelligent people come to the conclusion that there has to be a greater purpose then just to be born, buy stuff, have sex, career, family, and die. Just pray that the possibility for these starving souls to find God doesn’t come to late.

it rather is a query we can basically help you so a techniques and you could desire to stroll something on my own, different than we’ve self belief you’re in no way on my own with the spirit. I advise interpreting Mere Christianity and subject with discomfort by utilising C.S. Lewis. i’ve got self belief you’re extra helpful off than I first feared once I study your commencing question. in case you believed and then began sinning regardless of the present of the flow that’s plenty extra good, not impossible, basically extra good. i’m happy you have gotten previous the fairytale and are in seek of for the deeper non secular truths. i’m uncertain what you have self belief is the fairytale, yet it rather is the terrific place to start up. remember no data interior the Bible have been shown fake. Many data have been theory fake until established by utilising a none Bible source. previous this you could desire to study what Jesus and his disciples suggested and notice if it jewelry real with you and do not forget that God will variety it out interior the tip. Why he chooses to not act on occasion and then does others i won’t be in a position to declare, yet I believe in his unfailing love and observe.

I believed that stuff until I was at least fifteen. But I was never really sure I was “saved”.

That’s cause I knew about Jesus’ quote “He that endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

I was never “saved”. I was raised in a christian type of house hold, well kinda. my grandmother taught Sunday school for years.

But for me, I did feel a sense of liberation when I stopped trying to force myself to believe in any type of religion and see what it all is for me. Reality is very liberating.

I like how Christians say they got “saved.” It allows me to know who’s brainwashed and who isn’t without putting in any effort.

I was raised a Christian. None of it made sense.
Since adopting science and logic, it all makes sense.

shaking my head…ppl can say anything but once you ARE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT THEN YOU WONT GIVE THAT UP…half only sitting in pews are really born again….REal Christians dont leave and start believing nothing..

….It don’t change nothing you still got to answer to God. ! and you will say then what the ……. happened ? but…. you will know !

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