Did you have a nervous breakdown because George W. Bush won the 2004 presidential election?

I have this friend who apparently had completely lost it when Bush won. He was a 4.0gpa poli-sci student, involved the the government with a good job. Since then, he cannot hold a job, sits around all day and acts completely bonkers. He says he had a mental breakdown because of the election. I was gone for years…

That is just like a liberal to blame his problems on everyone else…
I was nervous untill he won, i was scared that the libs would be able to destroy America, but they didnt…*phew!*

I don’t know of anyone who had a nervous breakdown. Sounds as if this guy may have had pre-existing problems.

I experienced a couple of hours of depression after the 2004 election results were known but I then decided to actually contribute my time to work on future elections.

they are nevertheless conversing approximately Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson, and their war information, so i won’t be able to work out that there’ll ever be an election 365 days devoid of the Bush’s being pronounced. they’re a ingredient of historic previous now, for extra effective or for worse. by using ways that’s a stunning image of you.


To me its kind of like 9/11….it was tragic, but Im not going to let the enemy change my way of life.

Id have thought he’d have been more upset the first time around when Bush didnt actually win the election………

No. I have long since gotten used to the corrupt nature of the world, so it was no surprise that somone like Bush won again.

That’s strange. To worry about about who won an election is the weirdest thing that I have ever heard of. I don’t worry about politics, there will always be another election

No. That is ridiculous, especially when the other candidate was Kerry. Your friend is mentally ill, and not because of an election. Seriously, tell him to see a doctor.

I am not familiar with this scenario, however there must have a been a rush on Lobotomy surgery immediately preceding the 2004 election.

Me and my friends threw a party…..good times. Your friend sounds like he has personal issues.

Gore went nuts when he lost

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