Do animals have belly buttons?

Humans have belly buttons as a result of having an umbilical cord, right? Well live bearers have babies with umbilical cords attached. Does that mean animals have belly buttons too?

Yes, every animal that was live birthed will have an umbilical site scar. Some skins- like cats – will not show the scar as well as others.

~*~Edit for answerer after me: Umbilical cords do not get cut for animals…it gets naturally torn at the time it needs to be disconnected. Not un-naturally cut before all that much needed cord blood gets where it needs to be.

Ever looked at a gorilla? Yup, if it had an umbilical cord, it has a belly button.

Yes! But it doesn’t look like yours. I used to look for the belly buttons on my animals. They seemed amused that I was tickling them. Go find a dog or cat or pig other mammal and look for yourself! It will amuse you and the animal both. You will probably be disappointed by how subtle it looks.

yes, kinda.. its not as obvious as with people. on my hairless dog I can faintly see where the umbilical cord was.

Yeah, It looks just like a little indent and nothing more. You would really have to look for it, to notice.

idk, but if they do, who cut the umbilical cord for them when they came out?… maybe they dont..

idk not that i know of

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