Do you believe Sexual Orientation is a choice?

Alot of people believe that is is NOT a choice, and alot believe that is IS a choice… Do you believe people are born with their sexual orientation or do you believe people choose? And also, do you believe that people have to have sex to determine their sexual orientation, or do you believe people can know without…

I didn’t choose to be gay either, but I sure am glad I am blessed with this wonderful gift since birth. 🙂

Orientation is something your born with. However it is possible to change your feelings due to many different factors in life. Some people know from the start what makes them happy and others may take years to figure out. Orientation is not about sex, but more about knowing who you are in your heart. After all being gay is not bad and is a beautiful thing.

I personally believe that your sexual orientation is MOSTLY (but not entirely) dependent on the way you grew up, your relationships with parents, friends, etc. As you reach your teen years, you become pretty sure about your sexual orientation, but can take many roads in acting on it. One can come out and be gay, happy, and fabulous, one can suppress the feeling, never acting on it at all, or one can convince themselves that they aren’t actually gay (even though your mind has PHYSICALLY developed to be hormonally active among the same sex.) This is why nowadays you see a lot more once-straight men “becoming” gay, when they are most likely reopening their homosexual desires in a world slowly becoming more accepting of homosexuality. In the end of it all, from my own experience, I believe that one does not have the choice to be gay perse, but has the choice to act on it, or even change it. The mind is a computer that, upon growing up, is “programmed” to release certain hormones to each and every experience you can possibly have. (I believe when) you grow up and are gay, you have, by experiencing certain stimuli, you are programmed to be Gay, but who is to say you can’t be “re-programmed”?.
I knew I was gay from a very young age, and am very openly gay today, with a loving boyfriend, and parents who support me. But through high school I slept with and enjoyed sleeping with girls. The vagina is a beautiful thing and the feeling cannot be replicated. We are born, as living organisms, with the desire to reproduce. It is the definition of being a living thing in biology. But anyways, after my last heterosexual relationship went foul (and some experimentation with some mind altering substances, and exploring new sub-cultural groupings), I decided to explore my homosexual side. I was reluctant at first, and for a long while considered myself heavily BISEXUAL, and was honest to God-ly still attracted to girls. But as I was with men more and more, and found the connection with men much easier than that of with women. I now consider myself gay, and have no desire to be with a woman, but understand the attraction that once did exist inside of me.
Because of these life experiences, I choose nothing, but accept what is real. Do not overthink what cannot be completely explained. I do not say I am right or wrong, but I do say that I do understand what I believe in from my own life experience. And really, that’s all that matters :). Be open, think critically whenever possible, and dont shove your opinion in peoples faces simply because you can. That pisses people off. So young one, go forth and be fabulous, you are who you are, and don’t let anyone tell you different :).

No it’s not a choice
If it was then i wouldn’t want to be this way

My life has spiralled out of control ever since i first realised who i was
Depressing and paranoia were products created by the fear of people finding out, i basically went mad
began thinking people could hear my thoughts
started having conversations with them in my head

It’s not a choice and if it was only a fool would choose to be this way

but it gets better 🙂 as time goes on

No it isn’t a choice, and i don’t get it the people who believe its not a choice are not gay, every gay person says no it isn’t… the gay people are the ones who are gay THEY should know, not homophobic idiots who just wanna have an excuse to bad mouth gay people. I mean seriously do they think i just woke up and said “i wonder what its like being gay, i should try it!” cause i didn’t… i started getting crushes on a guy and have NEVER been attracted to girls. I’m still trying to bring myself to brake up with my girl friend! I just cant do it…and i feel like a user :(… but anyway no it is not a choice, and I think people who believe it is need to get a life…

I didn’t choose to be hated.
I didn’t choose to be bullied
I didn’t choose to be unwanted
I didn’t choose to have my friends not want to hang with me
I didn’t choose to have my parents force me to move out cause I’m ‘unnatural’
I didn’t choose to be discriminated against because of whom I like.

Who would choose this life?

And no, you don’t need to have sex in order to determine your sexual orientation, I’ve never slept with a woman but I know I’m lesbian.

I agree with Jacob it’s a gift because would you rather be straight if you could I wouldn’t and plus I think that gays and lesbians have much more of a personality than the straight
They can be so boring

I’ve liked guys for as long as I remember, and for me, there was no point in time where I said ‘Oh, I’m going to be gay now!’

So I don’t think it’s a choice at all.

I believe that it’s not something you can choose. I never chose to like men…I just do. I couldn’t choose to love doesn’t feel right to me, but I don’t mind if others do.

I don’t think you need to have sex to know either. You just know. ^^

it is NOT a choice because if it was i would change it…it would make life easier

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