Does an American Presidential candidate have to openly say…..?

….He is Pro Israeli before having any chance of being elected?

I saw a picture of Sen John McCain at the wailing wall,head bowed, wearing a skull cap today….it prompted the question.

The answer is an obvious yes.
It is not a coincidence that all those who went to Iraq this week are the ones the most tied to the Israeli Likud government and AIPEC, not to mention are coincidental wars in the Middle East and “war on terror”.

AIPEC spokesman, Lieberman, behind McCain is the clear signal that McCain is their choice. Obama is more pragmatic about our Israeli policy because he is either not completely ignorant or not a hypocrite yet. Of course he is going to have to become a hypocrite to have any chance of winning. He has to be as Pro-Israeli as McCain or he will get burried by the media, like he has already.

Think about it…what that moron Wright said is not worse than what Farwell or Robertson said..and McCain does not have to renounce those fools, let alone the evangelical votes.

The Christian evangelicals only have a say in politics because the elites who profit off war can use them to promote a Pro-Likud Israeli policy. We knock the enemies of the Israel down and our elites make money of the “privatization” spoils of war.

The rest of Americans are never brought into the debate on Israel because if they really knew all the details they would be against it. Instead we are doped up with Holocaust remorse at every turn and made to focus on those 6% of Muslims, those same ones that cannot even take over one of their own cities.

The elites in America use the Israeli policy we have now to make money. It is that simple. Anyone bringing in rational conclusions about our “war on terror” or that Israeli policy will be black listed.

If you are “anti Israeli” there will be question marks on your head.

who controls the U.S media and American foreign policy???

need i say more

Ron paul is the greatest American politician alive, the talk hosts where silenced. Shame he didn’t win the race

i cannot post a video on Ron Paul as im getting an error 999 message, seems censorship on yahoo is up

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Um…why wouldn’t they let Obama pray there?
He claims to be a Christian…*coughs*

They’re an ally and he was showing respect at the Wailing Wall and also the Holocaust Museum.

It definitely helps. Being against Israel is de facto support of terrorism, their main enemy

I wonder if Louie Farrakan has a problem with that…

actually I would just laugh…

That is a requirement, yes. Pro-Palestinian Authority candidates need not apply.

No, I’m sure that if a candidate said he or she agreed with Islamic terrorists and was against supporting the only free democracy in the Middle East, he or she would get lots of support.

Unfortunately it Looks like…

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