Does this quote apply to your life?

“One of the most difficult tasks in life is finding the truth”

what do u think about this quote?

Only if I am in ‘philosophic’ mode.

Truth is relative.

I think it is BS. If you waste your life looking for truth, you will find at the end you have a basket full of nothing. Truth is perception and it shifts as your perception evolves. Instead, search for meaning in your life and that will become your truth. Meaning evolves as you contribute to the world, not as you take from it.

I like it.. Its a true statement.. The truth hurts but theres thing you do need to find out. Even though it might hurt it brings closure.

my quote is “Living just to keep going ” thats a lyrics by the black keys.. I like it. It sums what my life is, like i’m just going to keep doing what I do.

It doesnt fit my life. its too general. there are many aspects in life where you need to find the truth but which one? im pretty clear as what i want and when i want it regardless as if i found the truth or not.

I’m not looking for any truth.

But you chose a quote that could apply to anyone because it’s about life.

my favorite site for quotes on life

I think that it speaks unheard volumes about everyones life

not at all. the truth is there. you just have to look and notice it for what it truly is and not what you want it to be.

I can’t find truth.

No ma’am!

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