Girls. Would you rather have your BF/Husband spend alot of time with you, OR spend alot of money on you?

Be blunt. Be honest. Be you.

you can’t buy someones love, even though money is great to have spent on, time always proves whether the person really likes you and isn’t using you. i say time is the best thing to have spent on in a relationship. good luck!

I don’t want him to stick with a job that takes all his time just to make a lot of money! At the same time, I wouldn’t want him to take a part time job or a really crappy job just so that he’s more freed up. There are plenty of jobs out there that allow people to be good, responsible employees, earning respectable wages… that don’t require to spend hours upon hours doing overtime (unless you live in Japan)

A good man should learn to balance between the two… and a good woman should expect only that

I would rather have my BF spend time with me because i’m a kind of girl who likes to spend time with people.

I would rather have the time with him then him buying me stuff. I was married and I got more things bought for me then his time. This is why we are now not together. Time is crucial in a relationship. I work so I can buy what I want and the things I need.

Split the difference, a little more time and a little more money, like going out for ice cream or buying clothes (listen, as a guy, I have NO PROBLEMS going out shopping with the wife, as it makes her happy. A $300 outfit? Get it!)

Time. True story.

I have my own money and I don’t need a man to blow his on me. I would prefer quality time with him. I have ended relationships with men who tried to buy my affection. To me, that is indicative of a weak mind and/or desperation. Just me ~ I know many women who would prefer to be showered with money.

i want him to spend time with me. i have a job, i can make my own money to spend on the things i need. i dont need much anyway, so id much rather have my husband to spend quality time with.

true story !!

well to be honest. i would rather spend a lot of time with him.. im a really simple girl.. but it would be nice once in a while to surprise me with a gift or a dinner at a restaurant.

Probably, time I don’t care about money.. money is just money.

I like to give, more than i receive, so money isn’t a big deal for me.

time for sure. We have been married for 12 years and we still do everything together. We even work together we are seriously together 24/7

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