How do you stay occupied on long plane flights?

I have a 17 hour plane flight to South Africa in August (over 34 hours on a plane total). I don’t want to take anything too expensive because we are staying in townships, and I know I won’t sleep for most of the flight… I am a nervous flyer, so I don’t get very far in books when I fly… What are good…

seatback screens!!


bring an inexpensive dvd player or a PSP to play and watch movies.If you’re going with friends bring cards. If you like sudoku That can keep you busy 4ever!
If you want to sleep a little try some tylenol pm, drink lots of water and avoid alcohol. For the nerves you can try herbal teas (yogi tea) and if you feel is not enough your doctor can always prescribe you a little bit of valium for the flight.

I’m about to go on a 13 hour flight too. i’m bringing magazines, a good long book, and I put some movies, tv shows, and tons of music on my ipod.

Buy a puzzle book or sleeping pills 😀

Read War & Peace.

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