I have a question about Social Security Disability?

I know someone who collects disability, she is in her 40’s and has been collecting for as long as I can remember. I cannot figure out why she collects it (because she has no physical problems or anything). I don’t know her well enough to ask her, so could someone tell me what it could possibly be that holds her…

Past problems with alcohol and drugs can cause severe bouts of depression as well as other psychological problems for the rest of your life depending on how bad the problems were.

Also, people can be declared disabled for many different reasons.

My wife appears perfectly normal to most people. She goes to College full time, drives the kids to school, goes shopping, has coffee with her friends at Starbucks, etc. Yet she is on full Social Security Disability.

She suffers from Multiple Personalities, Bi-Polar disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Anxiety. She’s a mess when confronted with male authority figures or large groups of people. She lost several jobs prior to her diagnosis due to personality changes and when she’s in a depressive state due to her bi-polar disorder she can become suicidal. On the other end of that spectrum, when she’s in a manic high she will go for days or weeks with only a couple of hours sleep at night and has to be reminded to eat.

These things are not noticeable if you’re just meeting her in passing and there are people she’s known for years who are not aware of her illnesses.


In contrast to SSI which is a welfare program, there is not any set improvement quantity for Social security advantages. The quantity of the Social security advantage depends on how so much the worker earned. The lessen the profits, the minimize the benefit. Those wage earners who work and pay the maximum social safety tax obtain a monthly advantage of over $2000. I don’t know what the minimum improvement amount can be but i’m certain it’s less than $a hundred per month. $674 is the highest SSI advantage amount for an person.

She could have due to her HIV status, because she has difficultly maintaining satisfactory attendance due to her illness. You are allowed to work on SSI but make more than allowed income (around 12,000 annually )by 1 dollar, you pay back all of the SSI for that year, It would be beneficial to main tin her SSI status, because you don’t know when your illness will disable your employment opportunities, also you can pick up SSI for emotional instability, which could be a secondary to HIV

That in itself is enough to collect SSI ( HIV positive) she will die from that period. That is a good enough reason better than alot I see around here

this is a long story but i will make it short,i was on ssi back a few years for pstd,depression etc,i stop taking my meds because i thought i was better and went back to work,but after i went back to work my condition got worse but i wouldnt say nothing to noone i keep it all inside until i had a meltdown,i have no insurance or etc,but did go se a dr,and he not letting me work,so my question is will it be hard to get back on ssi? thanks

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