It surprises me that Racism could still exist in North America?

If you have racial issues with another group or culture, can you justify them?

And why do you have that kind of resentment inside you?

Why would it surprised you? The KKK is still active FFS!

Well it exists and it’s like the AIDS epidemic, fabricated and people don’t know how to get rid of it. I mean the problem is so far gone that even the racists themselves don’t even have a real reason for having that much hate in them.

Racism is a learned behavior, most people pick it up in their homes or from people they surround themselves with. People choose to be racist, it’s not something that someone is born with.
The lack of understanding of other people’s cultures, background or other social aspects of our existence can sometimes breed hatred and build racism.

Unfortunately, it will never end, the notion of how a perfect world should be lies within each individual and while we all have opinions, some of us choose not to keep our differences aside and continue to feed this monster they call racism. It’s sad to know that humans are their own worst enemy and unfortunately it’s the way of the world. The path to goodwill is a personal and individual thing and each human being is responsible for the road they take.

It shouldn’t surprise you.

The USA is a very big nation. Racism only requires a certain degree of ignorance and obtusity, in a nation the size of teh US that makes plenty of opportunites for people like that.

All over the world there are many racists – some hating each other.

Yet go below the surface to their actual genes adn what do we find? We are indeed all related, apparently within 50 generations.

Let me start by saying this, when a baby is born they have no clue what hate is they respond to love, who ever loves them they love back, okay, but if it is not in them it is taught to them, however that child is raised they end up becoming a product of that environment, if they stay in that environment that mindset will be cemented. I myself have experienced racism(I’m black/latina) and in turn I myself have felt resentment towards the another race( whatever they may be/ sometimes even from my own ethnicity) for their actions or words toward me, but I always endeavor to catch myself, and not to hate in return because it just helps the cycle of racism along.

Yes. most of our violent crime comes from a certain minority group. They have literally made some of our cities unlivable. This same group also sucks up most of our social services and still have the audacity to complain about everything.

I especially love how they act so confused as to why they are so hated.

And I am sick of the “ignorance” accusation. Since when does getting sick of the decay of your community at the hands of a certain group constitute ignorance.

I guess if you get jumped by some gang members, you are ignorant for being angry. BS and get back to the real world.

respond to Ville above – that’s thoroughly beside the point whether or no longer you have self assurance in racism or whether you have encountered racism in my view. It does exist. Slavery replaced into equipped upon the exploitation of Black Africans and the perception in White supremacy. If that’s no longer racism, i’m uncertain what’s. The White instructor pronounced is in all probability racist. She made generalisations approximately Black human beings and denigrated the journey of Black slaves. If she isn’t racist, she is fairly ignorant and unwell-mannered. recommend you’re making a grievance on your Head instructor.

ya seriously.
there are still groups similar to kkk
it all needs to stop!
the straight, white, christain republicans of america need to learn to accept gays, blacks, muslims and every other minority (are whites even the top anymore? or do asians, blacks, hispanics combined outnumber them??)

i would be lying if i said i had absolutly no racism or anything like that inside me.
when i see a flamboyantly gay guy i do laugh a little inside or think thats wierd, but i often catch myself. and i have many friends who are gay
blakcs and asians are just people, although i do reconize them.. people who say “i am color blind” lie.. like at school, if someone says “do you know josh” … i will reply with “is that the black kid?” there is nothing racist by how i say it.. but i do distiguish.. that make sense??

I think that it may never change, because racism is just a distraction to keep us fighting while the government makes new laws to inprison us on this jail of a planet.

come on now, when you say racist first race comes to mind is the whtie man, followed by enslaving the blacks, blacks will never forget or forgive and will continue to attack the white men for it, especially growing up,

and as they should for getting revenge lol

Entitlement cards are the new racist card. They don’t say they are oppressed by white people anymore. Now it is the rich people being unfair for not paying people to sit on their a$$es.

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