“Moral Majority” Supported Reagan. Does it Follow that an “Immoral Minority” Supports Dems

I think morality is relative to the upbringing as long as they follow the rules our government sets forth

The Moral Majority was neither.

And there are moral and immoral people in both parties. Let’s not forget Ted Haggard, Richard Curtis, David Vitter, Larry Craig, Bill Bennett, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Bob Allen, Mark Foley, etc.

LOL! Likewise, the Republicans are the Pro-Life party, the Democrats are the Pro-Death party.

It’s interesting to note that the moral majority had originally supported Jimmy Carter, but discovered that he didn’t support their beliefs. The Democrat Party was just too immoral for the moral majority.

the “moral majority” is a title…. a made up title. If you’re eluding to the idea that Dems are immoral ..that is just plain ignorant.

By your logic, you would consider the majority of America to be immoral after a Democrat’s win in congressional and presidential elections ?


Only in a Republican’s mind does that logic work. Morality means something different to everyone. It’s too subjective a thing to paste on a whole political party. Each party has good and bad in it. And what is good to one person is bad to another.

And as far as the Moral Majority is concerned, way too many of them have been caught propositioning pages and soliciting for gay sex in restrooms for them to be taken seriously.

The love fest is over. But having the colossal ego Barry has it will be very hard to get him to admit it. And you can call me petty but I am so enjoying watching the Chosen One go down even though he doesn’t know it yet. The media is really doing him a disservice by hiding the fact that he is not as great and wonderful as he thinks he is. Someone should really tell him the truth. LOL

lol Interesting logic! Yeah, I guess there’s a minority of Dems who are immoral. A minority of Reps, too.

“The Moral Majority” has always been a misnomer in numbers and practice. Conservative Christians no longer actually practice what was originally preached (See the Book of Acts, Chapter 4:32-35).

The more appropriate label is the “hypocritical minority”.

That was the idea, but both assumptions were wrong. We can see this today with all the Republican scandals, David Vitter, Ted Stevens, Mark Foley, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramhoff, Tom DeLay and Larry Craig. And, that list is far from complete. Further, so called Blue States have higher rates of alcoholism, drug abuse and divorce. So it is time to stop the hypocrisy and say we are all at least equal in the morals department.

I think if you have any problems with immorality you should look to your own. Reagan was anything but moral.

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