My sister completely just screwed me on a vacation and money, should I tell my mom about her older black BF?

I am pissed my sister screwed me out of $800 and said she never “100% promised to go in on the shore house” she was just thinking about it. I am so mad, I want to get her back and she is dating a black man who is 10 years older then her and really trashy….
Should I tell my mother and get her…

I would anyway. You would be doing her a HUGE favor. Even if he was a white/asian/hispanic guy 10 years older and trashy.

Plus revenge ALWAYS make you feel better.

First of all you don’t need to describe her boyfriend as black it’s extremely ignorant. You’re sounding like it’s bad that he’s black and 10 years older it’s not really that bad…….it’s her choice not yours. Does the place he lives really describe the person he is….NO! Yes payback is fun but instead how about just confront your sister about the $800. And if she said she was just thinking about it you should pay more attention to when she’s talking instead of using condescending words against her boyfriend. Some Mrs. Wonderful.

Ehh this is tough. If you have any secrets, be prepared for your sister to tell your mom about them. And be prepared for her to tell your mom anything bad in the future. If this makes your nervous, then don’t do it. But definitely tell your mom how your sister has screwed you over! At least make her feel embarassed!

no thts a bad idea. how do you sound??? umm a dumb and a little girl. jus get the money back, wht were you doing with 800 dollars anyway??? how old are you like 12? lmao. girl grow up already. snitching is going to get you no where!

who cares about the BF(really it sounded racist when you said that)just tell her she screwed you out of $800

You should tell your mom because if she tries to fight back just tell her that she screwed you.

Yes, very childish. Not likely to accomplish anything.

Just don’t ever trust her again.

Childish yes, but as you say – fun! Do it.

yeah i would tell your mom anyway, and if she gets pissed just tell her that she shouldn’t be ashamed of who she is dating and if she is she shouldn’t be with him

UMMMM>……….no never u never tell on ur sis b caze they no u well more then ur parenst if u tell now u will alsways b scared of her telling on u SOO dont i never do n when i dont my sis c that and she says thx for not telling she is ur own blood she loves u and u noe that so dont plzzzzzz

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