N korea launched a nuclear missile over japan airspace. Are libs going to realize kim jong un is a threat and not Trump?

“Because (a) is a threat, that means that (b) is not”

Trump is still a threat, where if he is the one that starts the war, China and probably Russia would get involved and it would start WWIII.

Yes, North Korea is a threat. Hurricanes are also a threat, as are poverty, hunger, and disease. Are Cons going to realize these things are threats and Hillary never was?

Kim Jong Un is posturing at the USA because the USA keeps posturing at him. It’s like two little boys seeing who can p*ss highest up the wall. Actually, it is more than that because they are both also doing it to impress the stupid people in their respective countries and to bolster their standing at home. It appears to work.

Liberals already know KJU is a threat, there’s no argument about that. So is Donald Trump. TWO narcissistic ego driven easily triggered world leaders with nukes playing closer to the ground with people’s lives. It’s obscene, and very dangerous.

The enemy of the US is the ally of the common liberal. FACT!

The Libs love the Korean… he is just as dumb as they are!

They most certainly did f#cking NOT. If that had happened the world would have already nuked them. It was an unarmed rocket. (Probably a failure too.) How many times do we have to tell you NK doesn’t have the capability to arm a missile with a nuke? They CANNOT do it. Learn something about the tech, or shut up.

LOL The enemy within is your only threat. LOL

When will dumb *** cons realize trump is a bigger threat?

Yeah he launched a missile over our ally…..but we were never in this position before trump. Never have our elections been ambushed by a foreign power before Trump. UN has put the US on the next civil war watchlist……due to TRUMP presidency…..

Common denominator for these troubles


1 – It wasn’t a nuclear missile, just a normal missile, 2 – this isn’t even the first time they have done this, 3 – Apparently the liberal response to this is to somehow turn this around and blame Trump….

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