Palin Gets Punk’d…Hysterical!?

OMG……incredible. Palin was punk’ed by a couple Canadian DJs pretending to be the President of France.

1) what the heck were her staff doing??? How could they not properly vett this call??

2) how could Palin not pick up that this was just some goofball with a goofy french accent????

lol….you have got…

This was so off the wall I thought it was fake. Funny, but fake. Then I googled and read the AP report. OMG! Soooo funny.

Wow, this will be in most newspapers tomorrow morning, not just on msnbc! It’s incredible they don’t screen Palin’s calls.

Palin has a swollen ego that led her to believe the call. Ouch! And it got pricked so quickly when the truth was revealed. Only to Inflate right away to its original bulge.

Palin’s going thru a trial
and is still in DENIAL.


First of all, Rob – I doubt she’s sincere about anything, but this tape proves she IS an idiot. A conservative idiot!!!

Altair – I guess you aren’t any brighter than she is! These guys are French speakers, but they are NOT the countrymen of the French president!!!! They are from Montreal, which is in CANADA!!!! You know Canada, don’t you? Our “neighbor to the north”????

Get out an atlas, please!

And for the rest of you, that was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in this entire campaign!

I dont think she even understood what he was saying with that weird french accent. She was just trying to be polite by saying yes and thank you.

lol, sad thing is she didn’t even know our Prime Minister is Stephen Harper. Hmm

I just blushed at the thought that what if it were real.She sounded like a real hick.

Shows how smart she actually is. I mean, no president would talk like that unless he was drunk. Lol it was really funny… VOTE OBAMA!!!

I think it could also happen to Joe Biden. Why has someone not punked him? I think it deserves a fair turn also. Everybody has their good days and their bad days.

Palin is a PUNKABLE MORON! But didn’t everyone know that?

I was cracking up when he said ‘I can see (something, I forget) from my a*s’ LMAO, he reminded me of Borat.

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