Random poll random questions (just 5)?

Do you like…
1.) laptops or desktops
2.) tv or movies
3.) black or white
4.) strawberries or raspberries
5.) shopping or going to the movies

have fun

***star if u liked i can always make more***

1. desktops (Mac)
2. movies
3. black
4. strawberries
5. shopping

1) Desktop.
2) Movies.
3) Black.
4) Strawberries.
5) Movies.

1) Laptops
2) Movies
3) White
4) Strawberries
5) Going to the movies 🙂

1.) I’m a good writer and I can come up with an idea for a movie just by watching something happen in real life about 98% of the time. I have a keen eye for photography and filming. I guess that’s why I’m trying to do what I want to do. 2.) I keep a record of every movie I own (but not so much anymore). 3.) It’s because they’re fun. 4.) It’s because they’re human. 5.) Small ego. Yes, I am. I don’t feel I’m better than anyone else. I’m just me.

1.) laptops or desktops
Laptops, but i have a desktop.
2.) tv or movies
TV, only if there is something good on.
3.) black or white
My computer is black.
4.) strawberries or raspberries
5.) shopping or going to the movies

1.) laptops or desktops – Either
2.) tv or movies – Movies
3.) black or white – Black
4.) strawberries or raspberries – Strawberries
5.) shopping or going to the movies – Shopping

1. Desktops
2. TV – movies
3. White – since it’s brighter
4. Strawberries – no soft spots!
5. Shop

1.) Desktops
2.) TV
3.) Both!
4.) Strawberries
5.) Shopping!

1.Any really
5.Shoppin deffO


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