Top 5 Most Evil Religions,you agree?

Okay, so we know all religion is irrational. However, some brands are more actively harmful than others. We might mock the wishy-washy “cake or death” Anglicans, but it’s hard to call them evil.

If only this held true for all religions! But the sad fact is that some religious brands clearly are not…

And what of the orphanages, schools, free hospitals, food banks, refugee camps, domestic abuse shelters, universities, vocational rehab centers, half-way houses, adoption agencies, etc?

You are sitting there smugly condemning religion when the fact of the matter is you have no right to consume the same air as some of these saints.

You even had the exquisite timing to post this on the day we commemorate Saint Maximilian Kolbe; yes, it’s worth it to google that name.

You are beneath contempt, you worthless piece of $hit.

A friend who is an atheist said to me “Why is it that all the good and helpful things that are happening in the village are run by Christians?”. I let the fact speak for itself.

No organisation is perfect as no human being is perfect. But at least Christians get together and do a lot of good stuff, eg the Samaritans. I’m not aware of any large charitable organisations with the word ‘atheist’ in their name. I wonder why?

In the coming months and years the world will discover how evil the church of Scientology has become, eg claiming a 70% success rate for drug treatment at Narconon when it really is a tiny fraction of that and people are dropping dead at an alarming rate after they’ve left (having paid over tens of thousands of dollars), using the law to break up families (including non-scientology families), sueing anyone who is critical into bankruptcy and even suicide, etc etc etc

aside from the fact that you managed to offend more then a third of the worlds population and called them evil… zionism is jewish nationalism. thats. if you agree with nationalism, but deny zionism, they you are racist. you are saying that all other nations (including palestinians) have the right to self governance but jews do not. this is racist since jews are in fact also an ethnic group. also to say that zionism wants to see palestinians wiped out is just a false comment. all israelis are zionist because the believe in their right to live in their country, most support a palestinian state. if you only judge a people, nation, or religion by its most extreme, they i cant see how you like anything humans have ever done.

1. The American constitution
2. The UK parliamentary system
3. Dogmas of Science
4. Indoctrination of evolution
5. The UK Monarchy

You seem to generally be disgusted with the Western Hemisphere. Had you grown up in the east, you might have included Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism… perhaps your issue is with humankind. We are all indeed imperfect, so whenever you look deeply enough, you will find darkness. I am hoping that as yoi read this, you are introduced to 5 incredible people and I hope they’re from the religions you named. Tolerance begins in the willingness to accept the things we don’t understand.

ALL Religions are dangerous. This nonsensical cancerous ideology that is permitted to be embroidered from the first instance of childhood into the masses is nothing less than abuse.

Their are NO religions. There is only the gullible the vulnerable and those who lack understanding of the real world.

Congratulations on starting a big religious debate group chat. People like you make stir up more crap in this world between people of different religions.

How about TROLLISM ??

Just say’in. After all this section is for questions about Religion and Spirituality.
Not for generalized rants and unfounded rubbish accusations against religions.

I don’t agree that ANY religion is evil.
I don’t think you want my opinion on TROLLISM !! LOL

All religions are a there to the detriment of humanity. But you can relax because today’s religions are tomorrow’s mythology, take a look at history and you will agree.

Christianity has many flaws but the open-minded, tolerant ones are really nice.

All the Muslims that I’ve ever met are very kind. They are a very tolerant people and there are, like in all religions, a few extremist groups. The majority are very very kind.

I don’t know very much about the others though….

Don’t judge please. Open your mind a bit and you won’t be beat up by people.

)O( -Serria

Religion by definition deals with the supernatural. (God, the Creator, the Supreme Being, the spirit or soul)

If you hate religion so much and what they represent then get out of Dodge. (Questions about Religion and Spirituality). Troll

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