WHAT DOES A NORMAL 13/14 YEAR OLD GIRL do over the wekend?

I’m 13 and in the 8th grade. I’ll be 14 in like 4 months.

My mom is always complaining about me not doing anything over the weekend. Okay, I’m not a loner though. I have plenty of friends at school and we hung out on Friday. But Saturday was really hot/sunny and I had nothing to do, so I stayed on…

I’m 13 and I hang out with friends, get on the computer, talk on the phone, go shopping, play sports, hang out wi/ my cute next door neighbor, and I watch t.v. When My friends are busy I sometimes just give myself a mani/pedi,or a facial while I read magazines, like a spa of my own. Good luck & I hope this helps!! 🙂

I’m not 13 nor 14, so I don’t really know what your age group does now on weekends. Most of them are probably out trying to be too grown. First off let me say this when I was you age which was about 8 years ago, I didn’t do much either, actually you’re doing a lot more than I did. On weekends I would just go shopping with my mom and sis, play with my cousins, or stay at home and fight with my siblings. I had a few friends, but we didn’t hang out much after school hours. Maybe you could start having a few pajama parties/sleepovers just you and some female friends. At your age I think it would be kind of fun just watch movies, eat pizza and ice cream, do eachother’s hair, and talk about teenager stuff. If you think that’s too lame you could also try playing some sports. Hope this helps.

If it’s a nice day then you should get out there but I’m also 13 and I spend a lot of my time on the computer doing homework.
Mostly on the weekends I’m doing homework, reading, or drawling and that’s pretty much the same with all my friends. I hang out with my friends on occasions but usually not.
I’m pretty much a loner but w/e that’s what I do. ( “Normal” 13 year old girl)

I would say you’re pretty much normal though. If you think you should get out more then just get out.

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Your mom probably wants you to play outside and sees you on the computer as a “lazy” activity. You’re not abnormal for having nothing to do. Try taking up a hobby, such as sewing, which is what I do now. Or do stuff outside. Go biking or running or something. READ! just try to do something active and I think your mom will stop bothering you.

Tell her you don’t have to be doing something every second of the weekend to be ‘normal.’ you deserve time off, too.

Erm.. I don’t know about you, but people usually hangs out with boyfriends over the weekend? Or you don’t have to talk to friends all day. You could help around in the house? Like your mom would tell you, STUDY. I’m not making you do that, but just suggesting. Also, you could try with some music. Just try to find something useful to do.

Sorry. Don’t know anything else you could do. :]

-Cupcake. ™

you should consider making new friends that are more likely to want to hang out on the weekend. also u might try doing an outdoor activity on nice days such as:
play soccer
play volleyball
go running
so swimming

you also could go shopping at the mall with your friends or go see a movie.

Sports, clubs, community activities – just generally getting involved and staying active. You can do this with your friends or not depending on what their interests are.

Basically your mom is worried about you just sitting around on the computer when the world is such a wonderful place to explore. Your mom isn’t going to want you to get involved in illegal or dangerous activities – but she just doesn’t want you to isolate yourself either.

While you can meet great people online to talk to, it still can’t substitute for learning how to deal with people face to face.

If you can’t come up with anything, ask your mom if she has any ideas – she may surprise you.

well i’m a 13/14 year old girl and usually:
on Fridays go to the Civic to see local bands n just have fun n go mental lol
on saturdays go Ice skatin or shoppin or just hang out at the skate park takin pictures
on sundays we usuall just hang out at the skate park chattin and being really lazy (non of us can use a skate board lol)

on a saturday i go to a dance class so im busy until like half past 1 JOIN A CLUB.
or make an arangement with a m8 the week before for the weekend.

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