Which of the 73 countries invaded since WWII thinks the US is a friend?

And Cons say we are peace lovers…. joke!!!!!

After all, think of all the countries in which soldiers have fought…don’t listen to repubs who say they fought for freedom and then came home, it’s not clear thinking!

There is ample reason in this world today for people to be flagrant Pessimists…

Thanks for my daily dose of propaganda. It is the perpetuation of these stupid quips, bolstered by meaningless and inaccurate statistics and completely bereft of any historic context that creates enemies for the US. I am in the military, I fight for freedom. My wife and daughter live in a society where they can go to school, learn a good trade, get a job, go to church, and do this without fear. If that’s not the most important gift I can give them, I don’t know what is. I don’t love war, but I’ll only accept “peace” on the above terms. Am I thinking clearly enough for you?

All of the 40 some nations that joined our last coalition in the Iraq War bonehead.

I didnt know being a pessimist entailed willfull ignorance.

War is never a correct answer to any question. War is an outdated and outmoded concept bolstered by right wing propaganda. Violent conflict fills the pockets of war profiteers at the expense of humanity with the cost of innocent lives. Further investigation and evaluation will show and PROVE the majority of conflicts today are based on fundamental religious superstitions. More investigation will show the underlying causes of MOST wars in history have been the same. These right wing perpetrators of false doctrine and antediluvian dogmatic concepts try to deceive the youth of today in glorifying turmoil and then step back in feigned amazement and hide behind a facade of amazement at the increases in violent crimes.

73 countries invaded by who?

After the Fox News freedom fries debacle, I’d say very few, if any.

I don’t care but these ones are still living on our dime.
France, Germany, Ireland, The entire middle east, Most of Africa, Most of s.America,
Japan made it though and love America.

Shouldnt have fought WWII either I suppose. I mean who are we to decide what is good or bad. Dope

Since most were attacked by Democrats, ask them.

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