Which party will you vote for next mid-term elections?

Based on what both the Dems and Repubs have been up to lately.

The right wing.

I very much dislike liberal lefts and their communist agenda.

Communism is ideal, but will fail.

All hail capitalism!

God bless America!

The next midterms are 4 years away. Who knows what will happen between now and then. The next major election in 2008 will elect a new President and some new members of congress as well. What that new President and the congress does after they take office will greatly influence who I vote for in the midterm elections. I generally vote Republican but have been known to vote for a democrat on occasion so who knows.

I am not fact finding in terms of party……I was to start with but after taking a long look at whats been going on…I am looking at records, voter style and the underlying candidate…..

I’m not gonna slam President Bush, because I see he’s really tried to deal with all that came with his term…but I do see there needs to be fresh blood in the White House…..

One who is FOR America and Security, Immigration, Health Care, One who won’t rush into war, but one who isn’t afraid to stand with America …..Or turn their heads to national security concerns as I saw with a prior president *cough* “Bill”….

We must rebuild what has been torn down by all the blaming and name calling and accusations in our govenment…

America should be working together for the good of this GREAT country and Citizens!!

The mid term elections are 3 yrs away. Why don’t we focus on the elections that are next year.

Republican, no doubt about it. I cant stand whiners. I don’t like whats going on in Iraq, I have a son in the military. But, we have to finish this thing before we can come home. My son feels the same way and He could be there soon. Its like going to a neighbors house to help them with a new roof. Once the old one is torn off, you don’t just leave because its gotten too hot. You stay till the job is done. Even if the nieghbor’s other nieghbor wants the old roof back!

The Democrats!

Not sure yet, usually I vote republican and really am not impressed with the democrats there now, so not sure. But I will vote.

Republicans, there is no other way to do it! I hate whiners, and all democrats do is whine about everything! Republicans know what’s right in this world, and they jump right in to fix it, democrats stand back and whine!


The dems showed once again they do not one thing they promise while campaigning.

Repubs in ALL elections….

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