Why is there no punishment for women that falsely accuse men of rape?

Shouldn’t there be a punishment for something that could absolutely destroy an innocent persons life.

A large part of the reason women falsely accuse men of rape is because they have the advantage of anonymity afforded to them under the law, I’m quite sure if they were placed in the same position men men are put placed at the merest accusation they would soon change their tune.
This is the most blatant sexist violation that exists today and if women were put in the same situation there would be nation wide uproar. Pathetic isn’t it.

Because women are treated very leniently in court, while most judges will have no problem sending a man to prison on an accusation only without any evidence. It’s all down to feminist stereotyping- “women never lie, all men are violent pigs always to blame etc”.

False accusations are more common than feminists like to pretend, yet the accuser gets like you say a slap on the wrist if anything.

@other answerers, we all know it is a crime to make a false police report- the question is asking why women who file false rape reports often get off so lightly.

Because society is gynocentric (due to feminism influences), therefore female criminals are very rarely (if ever) held accountable for their actions – especially when they commit crimes against men.

Feminist groups are even trying to close down women’s prison.. And it looks like there’s a very high chance that the state will cater to the feminists’ demand.

I love how feminists here pretend the average false rape accuser is punished when most aren’t…

Women are like kids but weaker and less Intelligent so you can’t hold them to a high as standard that you would a man.

There is MAJOR punishment if you know people in the Mafia that can help you out.

Actually, issuing a false complaint or police report is a crime, as is perjury in a court of law.

they should also be punished for offenses

blame feminists for this injustice.

well it depends if the woman did it on purpose or accidant as to how i feel on that subject. also thats like 1 in 1000.

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