2001 Pontiac Grand Prix a good buy?

I have had someone offer to sell me their grand prix with 28K miles for $10,000 and it is like new. Any thoughts on Grand Prix’s good bad or indifferent? Or where I can find consumer reports for free on them?

For a private party sale, the car is worth about $8,000.

The Grand Prix is a great car.

I bought my ’01 Grand Prix GT with 61,000 miles for $10,000 from a dealer a little over 2 years ago.

I would definitely buy it. The Grand Prix has a 3.8 liter 3800 L36 or L67 (depending on GT, or GTP, they also have a SE option) engine which is in the top 10 list of most reliable engines. I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and have had ZERO problems with her. I previously owned a 91 Grand Prix that gave me no problems as well. I have also started modding my 2000. She just rolled over to 105,000 miles within the past few days and still running strong. They key is taking care of a vehicle. If you don’t take care of it, you’re going to have problems with any car and then you will turn around and blame the maker when really, its the driver 🙂

Well if you are really good at fixing cars yourself I would buy it but if not then stay away.
The 97 thru 2003 Grand prix’s were notorius for transmission problems, headlights falling out, malfunctioning electrical systems, Heater blower motors going out, keys being stuck in the ignition, and the list goes on and on……
I have a 97 Grand prix and the transmission went out twice on the car. I had to replace the blower motor resistor and now I have a major oil leak somewhere that I have to find. Althought, I have 150k miles on my car it still done me good for the price I gave for it. (Only $300) That is right three hundred dollars.

I would definitely buy it for 10K with ONLY 28K miles. That’s an amazing buy. Also, Pontiac is a pretty good car company. Take the car for a spin, let someone look under the hood so there are no big problems with the vehicle…. and if there isn’t purchasing the car would probably be a really good opportunity.

no clue about the consumer reports but the two engine options for the grand prix are the 3.1(SE only) and the 3.8 (GT)an 3.8 supercharged(GTP,GTX). Both engines and cars are exceptional…i bought my 2003 gt for $14K with 35K miles on it. For $10,000 thats a good buy.

p.s. the 3.8L has been on some list for the top/most reliable engines made …since its has been made

Pontiac Grand Prix’s are throw-away cars. I had one. Once it hit 70,000 miles, the cooling system went out and the front-end developed major problems. Buy a Dodge Stratus instead.

well if your going to spend 10k on a pontiac you should just save 3 more and get a newer one the newer grand prix looks alot better here take a look and its not even 13k

gm makes excellent v6 engine, the engine in the grand prix is a 3.8 or 3800. its a very good engine which have been documented to last well into the 150000 miles and beyond. just keep up on your oil changes and stuff and you should be fine.

check edmunds.com for the review of the car. Also you did not state if this is the base model, the GT or the GTP. Prices and value of the car differ depending on options. If this is the base model, you are paying way too much at $10K. You can see blue book values at kbb.com IM me if you need more info

Library should have Consumer Reports car buying guide.

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