Asking any Christians… do you take every word of the Bible literally?

Seriously, I’ve done some Bible-bashing in the past, but I think there are good messages to be had from it, unless you take every word of it literally.

So if you are a Christian, do you use the interpret the words of Bible in your own way, or do you follow them to the letter?

Obviously I’d prefer…

I do not take every word literally, I take every word contextually.

I read history as history, poetry as poetry, prophecy as prophecy, parable as parable, etc.

And yes, the creation account and flood are written as history, so I take them as history.

Okay wait a minute yall, I am a Christian and I have sense enough to question some things in the Bible. Would anybody in thier right mind, Christian or not, take this verse litererally just because somebody says you must or you’re not a Christian. 38.Numbers 22:28 Then the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?” Numbers 22:27-29 (in Context) Numbers 22 (Whole Chapter) Donkey’s do not talk. If someone is taking this literally either they don’t have sense enough to question if this is a metaphor or symbol used to make a point. There are other things int he Bible that cannot be taken literally because it is meant to be a metaphor or symbolic. Die hard, non flexible, holier than thou Christians who get offended over anything and everything are the ones who drive people away from Christ. If they’d put aside thier “Christian insecurity” long enough to actually treat others like human beings, in the name of Christ, we’d have less self proclaimed athiest around here. Give me a thumbs down if you want to, but there are Atheist who do believe in Christ but won’t attend a church or have anything to do with a Bible because of high minded judgmental Christians.

Great question. I am one of the Christians who choose the first route.

If one is informed at all and accepts logic, that will be the way they interpret what has been written in the bible.

I would never bash you for being an atheist, your chances at heaven are as good as mine for certain. We will not learn what is so until we are gone from this earthly existence.

I do believe in God, and that He came down from heaven and was made man, I just doubt much of how men chose to illustrate what happened.

Spiritually speaking, yes.

If you understand that all Scripture speaks of Jesus Christ then you have the literal interpretation that God has given. The Bible is more literal then the interpretations of men.

Scripture deals with many things which can only be seen with the single eye of the spirit and by revelation; which is rejected of men as a source of knowledge.

I found out that the bible is an exciting adventure. There’s a lot that hits you in the face to where you say…ok…this makes sense. There are a lot of passages in the bible that goes like an airplane…right over my head. Therefore, I ask my Pastor. That’s what Pastors are for. Like school, colleges anything worth learning is worth asking about. The bible has a lot of passages that don’t make since. If it doesn’t make sense, then I am going to ask questions til I’m with understanding. The one thing Christians do know without asking is that the Ten Commandments is to the point, is the rule of God and our laws to go by. Very simple. Not all understanding is with clarity. That’s why we have teachers.

Wouldn’t the first ones condemn you to hell?

The Bible was never meant to be taken literally. Nor was it meant to be taken apart verse by verse to be twisted.

It is a sociocultural anthropology of of a certain groups human belief and relationship with God. You have to take it in it’s historical context and look for the underlying universality.

You have to read it in context. For example, the purpose of the old testiment was to identify sin. It prepared the heart of man for the coming salvation. Most Jewish laws were generally for health and/or sanitation reasons.

As far as the new testiment goes… I can’t think of much that shouldn’t be taken literally. The new testiment is a message of love, and I think it is something everyone should strive for.

I agree with you, there are some great aspects to the Bible- the 10 commandments for example.. they are just good ways to make your life less complicated.

however, when you start to take everything literally, you start having problems.

God, No.
The Bible says, among other things;
The sun goes around the earth.
A women’s period is sin, and when it occurs, she should be stoned.
And all non-christians go to hell.
(Only 38% of the world is christian,
So either hell is REALLY crowded, or it’s open to interpretation.)

There are metaphors in the Bible. Yes, the Bible is Holy, and it is the truth. But not everything in the Bible is meant to be interpreted literally.

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