Audi a4 2002 pricing?

Anyone with any knowledge with this car help me out. how much is the car? how much could i get for it if i pay in full? on average atleast. preferably around 100k mileage. obviously the lower the better, but whatever best price i can get!

That’s a really smart idea…cheaping out on a German car.

That would only come back to haunt you.

Stick to 3-cylinder/manual trans Geo Metros if you are that broke.

Stay away!! These cars are way too expensive to maintain and repair. At 100k miles it’s due for a timing belt. $ 2600-3000. Ask your mechanic how much it cost to repair someone else’s headache. and that’s just the beginning.

there are 12 models in the A4 2002 range and a few variations on each model, it also depends on service history and the individual condition of each car

Original Retail Price (MSRP) $24,900
Original Invoice Price $22,506

The information shown below only applies to the original equipment manufacturer warranty.

Basic (mo.) 48
Basic (mi.) 50,000
Powertrain (mo.) 48
Powertrain (mi.) 50,000
Rust (mo.) 144
Rust (mi.) Unlimited

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