Audi vs. bmw vs. MB?

Which new car would you rather have with your budget? MB are the least dependable, but probably the most luxurious. BMW’s are nice, but every1 has one and they cost a crapload to fix. Audi’s are definitely the best in snow and mud and rain, but also expensive to fix. Which make and model?

It’s personal preference my friend.
BMW will out perform ANY of the 2 competitors when it comes to driving performance HANDS down.
They don’t cost as much to repair as legend would have you believe.
MB will be the most luxurious ride and a good blend of performance and comfort.
Audi will perform great as well, but still trail the BMW in performance, even if only by a hair.
To Me… MB is not even in the equation unless you’re looking strictly for luxury not performance.
BMW all the way if you wanna drive it like it’s stolen. Audi is you want middle of the road from BMW to MB.

I agree with Max. I also just bought a 328i manual with a sports package and I love every minute of it. If you buy or lease a new BMW they come with the 5 year/40,000 mile warranty. You don’t have to pay for anything except tires. Oil changes, wiper blades, brakes, everything, it’s all covered under warranty. The tires are kind of expensive because they are run flats, but that’s all you have to pay for.

My friend’s whole family owns audis, but, they also know an audi mechanic that will fix their cars when one breaks down. I am not too familiar with the warranties on their cars, though. They all seem to enjoy their cars, but when I have been able to drive their cars, they do not feel as great as my 328.

MB’s are just glorified chryslers, I wouldn’t even waste my money on one.

If you are worried about a BMW being bad in the mud, snow, rain, etc… then you can get one with all wheel drive. But in the rain, I have not had any problems with mine. My other car was worse in the rain and snow than my 328 and my other car was front wheel drive. And you made the comment that everyone has one… Well, that should say something right there.

In my experience with BMWs and Audis, the BMW had a little more to offer than the Audi. The BMW really is a driving machine. They are for people that enjoy driving and appreciate the car’s performance and luxury.

I narrowed my search down to those three plus an Acura TL. I test drove all but the Mercedes. The Mercedes looked cheap to me (an economy car with a Mercedes ornament) and the reviews were not promising. I was looking for a car in the $35,000 range. The Acura TL had a lot of bells and whistles but drove like an Accord.

The Audi was a nice car to drive but had a delayed acceleration response. I couldn’t help but feel like I was in a VW. The BMW 3 series was in a class all its own. It drove like a sports car but felt luxurious. The whole car felt like a glove. I was sold and ordered one with a sport package, a must for great tight suspension and wider tires.

I’ve heard all the negatives about BMW cars but I haven’t experienced any. I’ve had my car, a BMW 328i sedan, for 9 months and the only problem I’ve had is envy from a few people. I didn’t expect that. I just wanted the best car for my money.

my personal preference is the new audi. when they began redoing everything in 2003, they really fixed a lot of the problems that people had been complaining about in the past. and i know that audis are the cheapest of the three to insure.

as far as which model, that depends on your budget first and formost, and secondly on what you want to use it for. based on my assumptions, i would suggest either an A6 or an A8L. if you would prefer a convertible, then go with either the A4 or the new TT.

Of Course Audi. It more luxury and comfortable.

Easy answer: BMW. MB is a Chrysler & Audi is a VW. BMW is a BMW. Oh, and Corvettes are Chevy’s.

my personal choice would be audi…love the grill.

if you can afford any of these cars, do you think the cost to fix them would matter to you? if you are so concern about the cost of fixing them, why don’t you buy 8 japanese cars, which is the equivalent of one of these car, so that when one breaks just leave it, you still have 7 spares…

Of course all of you are going to say anything but a Benz because you can’t afford it on your union wage. Mercedes are for the classy.

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