Black Women/men: have you seen “Diary of a Tired Black Man”?

I picked this up yesterday at the store- let me give you a brief synopsis of this diatribe/film/doc.

First i will state, that there were some hard truths covered- yet, I found the entire doc/film to be a false dilemma created just to prove a point, that black men date white or other because WE drive them to do…

I’ve never seen the movie, but I did see a couple parts of it… And from the parts that I watched alone, I knew that film was a bunch of BULLSHIIIT and I won’t be watching it because it’ll only make me super angry.

I have a problem with that film because it labels us black women as the problem, when we aren’t.

First of all, most people regardless of race date within their race… So why do black men need an “excuse” to date out? Why do they need a film to justify it? All that is is their insecurities showing. I’d NEVER and I mean NEVER date such an insecure and hopeless ‘man’. If one can even refer to that type of guy as such…

I firmly believe that most women follow the lead of their men; so, if their men is doing something wrong then you can’t expect your girl to act right. I’ve never once met a girl that treated her guy the way you say she treated hers in the film. *SPIT IN HIS FACE?!?* Dude, that’s not only disrespectful… It shows she thinks he is lower than the scum underneath my shoe. I mean, who in their right mind does that? Who slaps their men? Who embarrasses their men in public? I have never one come across a woman that has done any of those things to a man that was taking very good care of his family. Most women would bend over backwards for that type of guy and I dare anyone to tell me I’m lying.

If anyone labels all black women as being angry and bitter, they are full of crap and not worth my time. I refuse to listen to or associate myself with such ignorance. That person is obviously a puppet and just regurgitating mess he’s heard other people say.

And you’re right. If every black woman a man dates is the ***** from hell, then the problem is HIM. Not the women… Some people need to learn to make better choices when picking their spouses. That’s like me saying all men cheat, all men are dogs, and all men rape women. I know men like that, but it isn’t fair for me to throw ALL men in that same ship.

Damn. Sounds like me. LMAO It’s true. I’ve seen so many “How to Catch and Keep a Black Man” Type books. It’s so irritating. What really gets under my skin is when they* sell books on hair care and how important it is to care for your long hair. Hair! That’s my issue. My hair is natural and I love it but society seems to think that there is something wrong with that. Like men will want you less because you aren’t as pretty as that light skinned Italian w/ long flowing hair. Essence actually has a book about hair care and it angered me. Most of the models had weaves. “How to Care the Hair that you bought for $89 or more” is what they should have called it. Why is wrong to embrace my heritage? Why is it considered less beautiful? Oh, and another thing, why must “all black people” be ghetto and unintelligent? Don’t talk down to me! My GPA is probably higher than yours! I absolutely dispise ignorant people outside of my race. Wait, that came out wrong. You get what I’m saying. The sterotypes of the black people in my city will probably follow me the rest of my life unless I decide to go where I’m wanted. I hope you get what I’m saying. I might just fit in with an office of bourgeois black people but be looked down upon in a white office. The thought scares me. I want to be in a diverse environment. I shouldn’t fear not being accepted by people of the opposite race. Damn. What is it going to take?

No, I haven’t. To be honest, I have no plans to watch it. Someone else asked a question about that movie, and they really believed that most black women are that way, based on what they saw in this movie. I have a hard time understanding how a self respecting black man, raised by a black mother, with black aunts, grandmother, maybe sisters, coworkers, church members, and he cannot find ONE decent, loving, hard working, caring black woman? No, I’m sorry, not buying it. How often do you see black women working, taking care of children, and dealing with a no good black man, yet how often does she “stay down” and take it? Too often.

If he wants to date someone of a different race, no problem. But to take a horrible experience he had and use that as an excuse to put down ALL black women is so wrong.

Wow. Now i’ve heard it all. That is so unrealistic. I don’t know of any black man who would put up with even half the stuff the man in that movie put up with. A woman who treated black men that way wouldn’t have a man in the first place, so that storyline is way off.

I’ve got to see this movie. This sounds more like a comedy than a documentary

i don’t know why the black men are tired, because most of them are lazy!

Never seen it…from your discription I really don’t. I hate ignorant sterotypes that degrade anyone, and this documentary seems horrible and tasteless in my oppinion…

I haven`t seen it yet Cocoa B.

I agree

“most of the white and Asian women polled had our backs ladies”

If they were to say otherwise they would be labeled as racist. Have them take surveys regarding this issue anonymously and lets see if the results are the same.

LOL at the guy above me. LOL

Why are you asking Blacks only?

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