Can my Landlord be liable for not having house clean before my agreed upon move in date?

I am supposed to be moving into a rental home on Saturday (4 days away).
I went to the house today to get some measurements and nothing has been done to it. The inside is so filthy that my nose and throat were actually sore from the smells in the carpet. Possibly cigarette smoke or pets. The carpets are so filthy…

Definitely DO NOT move into this place. By not having the residence clean the landlord has already broken the terms of the lease. You should never have to do your own maintenance work either.

You also share the responsibility too. If you already knew the place was dirty, why did you sign a lease? You should always rent an apartment “as is” and not how you want it to be. It almost always ends in disappointment. And if the apartment looks bad at first glance you can bet there are 100 other thing wrong with it that you don’t immediately notice.

It may be a hassle, but find somewhere else to live.

Your landlord should repaint & clean the carpeting for sure. Legally, I don’t know if he has to, but I lived in an apartment complex, owned by an association, & after each tenant moved out, the apartments were cleaned from top to bottom, freshly painted, & the carpeting was steam cleaned. That’s just a common courtesy to do those things, if nothing more. Carpeting can get pretty bad in six months, especially when pets are allowed. He should be a little more picky, & not allow pets.This may be a sign of things to come with your landlord. Good luck!!!

Question: Is any of this in writing?
If no – you have no options. You can ask her to clean it again, but don’t count on it being done.
People….. get everything in writing!!

Another Question: who is paying for the paint?

I don’t mean to scare you but I don’t like the sounds of this. She wants you to paint the place and be replacing doors? That is HER responsibility.

Whenever the lease commences is the move-in date.

It sounds like you have signed a lease and I’m assuming you’ve given a deposit cheque so it’s a go.

Please tell me its only a one year lease.

I would certainly be talking to her and asking her if she’s going to have the place cleaned up before you move in on Saturday. That will at least tell you whether or not she has any intention of cleaning it up.

If she isn’t, you could try asking her for your deposit back and terminating the lease agreement – but that isn’t likely to happen. Besides – 4 days isn’t very long to be looking for a new place.

I would strongly suggest contacting the Landlord/Tenant Tribunal or whatever it’s called in your area.

No, you accepted it as is. A nice person would make sure that the house was in good condition for the new tenants but doesn’t sound like that is the case with her.
Read your lease and insist on a pre move in checklist where you can notate all the problems.
Take pictures and make sure you document the condition of the property at the start.
I predict with this landlord that you will have to be pretty insistent in order to get anything done.

Don’t know a thing about the laws….
But I’m guessing the landlord does.
Hopefully that is not the reason behind the last tenants moving out, stiffing her and leaving the place in a shamble.

It was up to you to make sure that cleaning was written into the lease. Since you signed the lease without such a clause…you accepted the apartment “as is”.

Blah blah blah…too long to read.
Just clean the house and move in.Be happy you have a home to move into.

What is in the contract?

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